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Best Real Estate Markets

Best Real Estate Markets for Wholesaling and Why

“Which one are the best real estate markets to invest in?” That is one of the most popular questions I have been asked lately. And for good reason. Real estate investing has become more mainstream, with the popularity of real estate coaching programs, podcasts, YouTube videos, tv shows and so on. A lot more people […]



What is the Sweet Spot in Real Estate Investing?

Wholesaling, Fix and Flip, and Buy and Hold. These are the 3 main strategies in real estate investing and the success for the real estate investor in any or all of these strategies is tied to a simple concept: finding “the sweet spot” that takes in consideration geographical location, type of property and price range. […]


Virtual Real Estate Investing

How to Set Up a Virtual Real Estate Investment Business

Advances in technology opened the door to virtual real estate for all types of investment strategies. Buy and hold, fix and flip, short-term rentals and more are all possible methods for virtual real estate investments. Also, wholesaling translates easily to virtual real estate because the investor doesn’t take ownership of the property or the title. […]