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How to Buy a Preforeclosure Homes: The 3 Main Ways to Profit for an Investor

Real estate investors need ways to find properties for investment deals. One good source to locate a property is with preforeclosure properties. While the real estate market remains strong in much of country, many people face economic uncertainty. Now is a good time to look for preforeclosure properties. Pre-Foreclosure Defined A preforeclosure is usually defined […]


rental property

The 4 Benefits of Owning Rental Property as a Business

As a real estate investor, you are an entrepreneur and business owner. However, to achieve the highest financial benefits, both with income and tax incentives, ensure you classify and run your real estate investments as a business. When done well, real estate investing with rental property will build short-term income and long-term wealth. What is […]


virtual wholesaling

Virtual Wholesaling: Buy & Sell Real Estate Virtually

Virtual Wholesaling of Real Estate, What Is It? Virtual Wholesaling of Real Estate means buying and selling properties long-distance using computers, online references, fax machines and smart phones. The advantage of virtual real estate wholesaling, is that the investor can spread their efforts across multiple markets, which will maximize their potential return on investment. Short […]

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