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Best Real Estate Markets

Best Real Estate Markets for Wholesaling and Why

“Which one are the best real estate markets to invest in?” That is one of the most popular questions I have been asked lately. And for good reason. Real estate investing has become more mainstream, with the popularity of real estate coaching programs, podcasts, YouTube videos, tv shows and so on. A lot more people […]



2019 Orlando Real Estate Investment Trends

Orlando is a real estate investor’s dream with a population of over 2.5 million people and high volumes of tourists annually. In fact, in 2017, 72 million people visited Orlando setting tourism records. This diverse and growing city offers real estate investors a variety of options to grow your portfolio. Also, with virtual real estate […]


los angeles real estate

Los Angeles Real Estate Investing – Trends and Forecast

Los Angeles real estate has always been a strong indicator of how the real estate market is really performing nationwide, not just for the West Coast. A couple of important facts,  Greater Los Angeles is the second-largest urban region in the United States (New York being the first one.) Also 70 percent of the smallest cash buyer […]


Real Estate Investing Mentor

New York Real Estate Investing Forecast

If you have your sight on investing in New York real estate, you had better get started now as experts are predicting that luxury rentals will decrease in price. The transportation infrastructure looks like it has already had an impact on housing prices and it will most likely continue. On the other hand, there is […]


Real Estate Investing Programs

Chicago Real Estate Investing – Trends and Forecast

The Chicago real estate market is slow to recover since the housing bubble burst (compared to other areas in the Midwest.) However, it is now going strong and it will continue even stronger in 2018. Home prices are still at 19 percent below pre-crash levels, but they are expected to recover by 2020. The forecast […]


metro real estate markets

What’s HOT in Today’s South Florida Real Estate Market?

When we talk about South Florida real estate market, we usually mean Miami-Dade and Broward counties; including the cities of Miami and Fort Lauderdale. The region consists of a unique makeup of incredibly diverse peoples; creating an inseparable international mindset. This stretch of land is infamous for its strong industry and economics – from traveling […]


REI atlanta

The Atlanta Real Estate Market is Alive and Well

The Atlanta real estate market and its trends have always caught the eye of real estate investors. It’s an established older metropolitan city with a good economic foundation. The job demand, along with the multitude of corporate headquarters based here, continue to attract a wide demographic sample of real estate buyers. That said, as we […]

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