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A long tried experience becomes the guiding light to help others not hit the same rocks and perils of the real estate investing business.

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Trusted Real Estate Guide Laura Alamary has helped hundreds of clients successfully enter the real estate investment industry. She is a qualified expert mentor and coach who has walked in your shoes and will guide you each step towards success.

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Laura Alamery has empowered & coached thousands of students over 30 + years teaching individual business potential through knowledge-based learning systems. As the approachable Real Estate Investor Guide & Coach – she knows what mistakes you must avoid. Laura has walked in your shoes – in both good and bad economies – she can relate to your learning challenges and current reality because she’s been there and genuinely cares about her hero customers.

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At we understand that becoming a Real Estate Investor can seem intimidating and confusing. Clients seek transparency, trust and clarity of knowledge to engage in action. You’ve decided to make a life change by learning to invest in real estate or in raising your investor game to the next level. We’ve helped thousands of clients overcome the “knowledge hurdle” using proven course content for different professional levels. Empowered with expert knowledge – you can achieve financial freedom by successfully investing in real estate.

Your Free copy of "Blueprint for Success"

Student Success Stories

Shiree Weinbaum

“Hands down, the best real estate investment mentor I have found. Laura’s training is excellent value for money. In addition to benefits of detailed education that come from someone who has been doing this for 30 years, you get: Great online resources, daily action steps, a daily forum of other new investors who are a source of encouragement, monthly student meetings, and bonus REI events and trainings for months. Laura is very approachable and you can rely on her to answer your calls and emails if you have questions.”


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