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How to Use Facebook to Grow Your Real Estate Wholesaling Business

Social media changed how businesses interact with their target market. Today, smart real estate investors understand the value of integrating social media into an effective marketing strategy. Specifically, Facebook works wonderfully to connect with sellers, buyers and other wholesalers. Plus, with Facebook you can grow your brand awareness and establish yourself as an expert in the business.

Facebook for Wholesalers

While Facebook works well for your overall real estate investing strategy, it provides the quick and easy access you need to build and grow your wholesale deals. With wholesale real estate investing, speed is the key to success. Wholesaling offers investors a way to make cash quickly. However, you need the right tools in place to connect with and motivate sellers and buyers.

Facebook gives you one effective tool to gain the success you desire. As more and more businesses move online, Facebook also opens the door to more markets to establish your virtual wholesaling business.

How to Use Facebook for Real Estate Wholesaling

Find Qualified Buyers

Facebook works to connect you to potential buyers for wholesale deals. Content is key to grow your following and attract buyers. Use relevant and engaging content that adds value. Consider your areas of expertise and create or share content related to the subject. For example, for wholesaling, you want to communicate the benefits of purchasing real estate through non-traditional methods.

For the best results, focus on specific areas where you have wholesale properties. Then, share content about the area, like events, schools, parks, local businesses, sports teams and more. If you are too general, the competition is too great to be effective. Instead, keep the content relevant to real estate and establishing you as an expert in that area. Also, use Facebook as a photo gallery, with available properties and past successes.

Locate Distressed Sellers

The best wholesale sellers need a motivating reason to sell. These sellers need to move their property quickly due to a tax lien, foreclosure, probate or other similar reason. Facebook offers a way to connect to distressed sellers by sharing content that offers a solution to their problem.

Post relevant content about how to avoid foreclosure, successfully navigate a short sale or sell a home in probate. Again, focus on your target area for best results. Think outside the box to communicate your unique message and establish yourself as a trusted expert. Remember, you must give to get. Share content that adds value and isn’t just obvious selling.

Partner with Other Real Estate Wholesalers

Co-wholesaling offers a win for you and your partner. You can close more deals quicker and expand your reach when you work with a trusted partner. Consider starting a Facebook wholesaling group with another investor. You can tag team posts and Facebook live conversations. This demonstrates goodwill and teamwork.

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Market Your Wholesale Real Estate Properties on Facebook

Create a section for your listing and keep it up-to-date. Facebook is a great way to promote properties and find buyers. You can grow your buyer’s list and pull new cash buyers into your network.

When you share properties on Facebook, take the time to create a post with the property details and an accurate description. You want to show up on search by neighborhood, zip code, type of home, price or other search indicators. Maintain the right balance of privacy for the seller and attracting buyers. With a wholesale deal, you don’t own the property, you are simply trying to find a buyer to take over the sales contract. Keep your part in the deal clear.

Start A Facebook Wholesaling Group

Start a Facebook Group specific to your wholesaling business and your market area. You can create Facebook groups for each market to tailor your social media strategy to your specific needs.

Once you create a group, invite your followers that fit your target to the group. Make the group public so the group content is visible to members, and non-members. However, to maintain control and avoid conflict, require approval for all posts in the group and all new members.

Benefits of Using Facebook for Real Estate Wholesaling

  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Gain leads for buyers and sellers
  • Cost effective marketing solution
  • Establish social proof and authority
  • Create your brand image
  • Build content to use across marketing channels
  • Build your network
  • Communicate with your target audience

Invest in Facebook as Part of Your Wholesaling Marketing Strategy

Take your wholesaling business to the next level with an effective Facebook marketing strategy. Facebook, like other social media channels, creates an interactive connection to your target audience. Don’t miss out on this vital tool to grow your wholesale real estate business.

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