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Hello! I’m Laura Alamery and I can make the process of real estate investing simple and painless, helping you overcome your fears and building ultimate confidence in your success.

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My Personal Note to You:

By working with hundreds of students our team has proven it’s possible to create wealth through real estate investing while pursuing the bigger WHY and positively impacting the lives of others. Our goal is to empower you build an understanding of real estate investor requirements through training, events and community support. Or maybe you’re just starting and wondering if you even have what it takes. The answer is you have the power to make your dreams come true with the right guidance and tools.

Imagine What YOUR LIFE Could Be Just One Year from Today

  • Live Life On Your Own Terms
  • Have Time In Your Day To Do What You Want And Spend It With The People That Matter Most To You
  • Never Stress About Money
  • Feel That You Are Finally Making A Difference In Your Life And The Life Of Others


What Our Clients Say !

“On January 1, 2018 I quit my job and started to study wholesaling. I only had $2500 in savings and that was gone in less than a month. I struggled for a whole year with no deals and no money. I had to work overnight jobs to make ends meet. In March of 2019,I received an email about a meetup downtown Orlando with Laura Alamery. I went and took all the information I could. I did not have any money and it was all I needed to take action. I applied the knowledge from Laura and in 45 days I landed my first deal, closed it in 30 days and made $39,000. A new and better world had revealed itself to me. I never look back. The skill is more important than the sale attached is the deal.”

Anthony Facey

“Hands down, the best real estate investment mentor I have found. Laura’s training is excellent value for money. In addition to benefits of detailed education that come from someone who has been doing this for 30 years, you get: Great online resources, daily action steps, a daily forum of other new investors who are a source of encouragement, monthly student meetings, and bonus REI events and trainings for months. Laura is very approachable and you can rely on her to answer your calls and emails if you have questions.”

Shiree Weinbaum

“Laura has helped me immensely in getting my real estate investing business going. Her high level of experience and knowledge of the industry puts her in powerful position as a mentor. Not only that, she is a genuinely kind and giving person who cares very much about the success of each of her students. Thanks to Laura’s philosophy, I have taken to heart the importance of spending time each day to change my mindset from fear and doubt to positvity, confidence, and prosperity. This change, coupled with the knowledge base I have learned from her courses, is resulting in deals coming my way. It feels great knowing that others think well of my abilities and trust me with investment opportunities. Thank you, Laura!!”

Jerry Berger