The Sky’s the Limit with Laura Alamery as your Coach and Mentor!

Whether you are just getting started, or own 90 properties, you always have more to gain with an experienced mentor at your side. Don’t go through the trial and errors alone. Don’t make the same costly mistakes countless others have made. The failure rate for small businesses in the first 5 years is over 50%. Don’t give up on your financial freedom.

Hello! I’m Laura Alamery and I can make the process of real estate investing simple and painless, helping you overcome your fears and building ultimate confidence in your success.

Discover why hiring a real estate mentor will help you succeed!

There are coaching options designed just for you and your personal starting point. Choose from 6 months or 12 months of Premium Group Coaching (depending on the course – see graphic chart below) – or select Elite Private One on One Coaching.

Laura Alamery rei coaching programs


Laura Alamery premium coaching

Your PREMIUM GROUP COACHING with the purchase of ONE of 4 special courses designed just for you. Click the button to choose and purchase your course: 



Laura Alamery elite coaching

Your private ELITE COACHING 1-YEAR program also includes FREE tools and exclusive software valued at over $10,000!  Please click the button below to find out more and access purchase options:


Customized Training Programs

When I created such a wide variety of coaching programs, my goal was to give potential investors like you everything you need to get out there and get started, in an easy to follow step by step format:

  • Proven training and coaching!
  • Successful investing strategies!
  • Access to updated resources!
  • A real estate expert you can communicate with personally and count on!

My students are action takers, I have the highest record of trained successful investors in the industry. 

Either you choose Premium Coaching, geared more towards group coaching – or the Elite Coaching, which is one-on-one, for those who require up-to-date and laser-focused mentoring; you will always receive personalized service, directly from me, not from another mentor or assistant. And, my Elite coaching is tailored to each individual’s needs and goals and what they want to achieve!

I personally answer all my student’s questions via email and phone. While I do have a staff to assist me with administrative manners, all real estate related questions are answered directly by me! If you would like more information before making a decision, get in touch now, to schedule a personal consultation and let’s discuss the goals you’re reaching for!

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