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Real Estate Business Automation

Real Estate Business Automation – The Key to Freedom with Real Estate Investing

Lead generation and Real Estate Business Automation. Having a system in place. Real estate is a numbers game. We all have heard these sayings and sentences and there is definitely a lot of truth to them.

I have known a lot of real estate investors, besides myself, during my real estate investing career. I have also given a lot of thought about what is the difference between a successful real estate investor and someone who struggles in the business, who seems to just have the occasional “closing” here and there, but can never rely on real estate investing to build a business, which can support him or her financially. Visit Tiny Houses for trailers and training.

It all comes down to a simple statement – the successful real estate investor has plenty of deals coming in on automatic pilot. He or she does not have to look for the next deal.

But how do you build such a system? This is where business automation becomes crucial, unless you want to face burnout at some point.

There has been so much talk in the last few years about automating the processes and systems necessary to really succeed in real estate investing. New tools, software and apps are being created every day promising to make things easier and more successful for the real estate investor.

The truth is for the system to really work, you need a combination of basic tools, some software and the right human interaction.

Wholesaling, Fix and Flip, and Buy and Hold are the three main strategies in real estate investing. And all three strategies can benefit and thrive with the right business automation in place.

Real Estate Business Automation

The Three Important Areas to Develop in Real Estate Business Automation

Acquisition – this is the process of acquiring properties. Within this process, you have to build the right system and marketing strategies to create the incoming leads funnels. Acquisition can be highly automated and exponentially grown. However human interaction is still very important. How to approach the sellers, negotiate and close the deals need to be done on a personal level.

Disposition –  this is the process of selling properties. This process is crucial when it comes to wholesaling, since time is of the essence. Creating and qualifying the right buyers list are keys in this process. Communicating effectively with the buyers and nurturing the buyers through the sales are best done when human interaction is involved.

Transaction Management – once the deal is under contract, it needs to be properly followed through closing. Issues on title and timely communication with all the parties need to be performed and resolved in a competent manner.

Project Management and Property Management need to be added accordingly for automation of the strategies of Fix-and-Flip and Buy-and-Hold. They are not needed for Wholesaling.

Once these areas are developed properly, two important things can happen for the real estate investor:

  1. Exponential Growth – the business can be duplicated across markets for exponential growth and diversification.
  2. Virtual Real Estate Investing – with the right business automation, there can be freedom to work and live anywhere, or to travel while making money.

Would you like to learn more about how to automate your real estate investing business, including tools and strategies?
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