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What to Look for in a Good Real Estate Coach to Avoid Bad Mentors

Real estate investing is a smart plan to build wealth. However, if you want to avoid risks and find success, you need an experienced and knowledgeable real estate investing mentor to help you get started. Not only that, but you also need to understand what makes a good real estate investing coach so you don’t end up wasting your time or money on a bad mentor.

Laura Alamery has over 30 years of experience in real estate investment and understands the ins and outs of solid investments. This is why Laura Alamery is the Top Rated National® real estate investing mentor. Our coaching services include group and private one-on-one coaching sessions to share our knowledge and get you started investing.

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Qualities of a Good Real Estate Investing Mentor

Proven Portfolio

Not everyone offering real estate investing coaching has the experience to back it up. An experienced mentor has an extensive portfolio of successful investments. That doesn’t mean every investment they’ve made was a success, but even failures add value through lessons learned. A real estate investor can only be a solid mentor if they have actual experience. They understand potential mistakes and educate you to avoid those pitfalls.

Extensive Network

Ask your real estate investing mentor about their network. Anyone who’s been in this business for awhile has contacts and a reputation. Look for a coach with an extensive list of connections and a positive reputation. Over time, a real estate investor builds a network of inspectors, contractors, lenders and other real estate professionals. A good mentor teaches you how to build a network and allows you to build relationships within their proven network.

Understanding of Dollars and Cents

You can’t be a great real estate investing mentor without understanding the details of a financial deal. Learning how to navigate the financial aspects of investing is one of the key benefits of working with an experienced real estate coach. Navigating the complexities of funding sources, contracts, insurance and regulations are all important when starting out in real estate investing to keep out of legal and financial trouble.

Plans for Success

A quality real estate coach does more than just give you a few tips. They offer a proven plan for success based on their personal experience. You want to walk away from your investment coaching with an action plan to start your own business. Whether you sign up for one-on-one mentoring or a group session, you want to know that your money is an investment in your future. Creating a business plan is a first step in launching your real estate investment business. A good real estate investing mentor will advise you to develop your business plan as a step to success.

Online Presence

In today’s high-tech world, a solid real estate coach will have an established online presence. This means you’ll be able to see their website, webinars, reviews, and blog to learn more about their services and level of expertise. One great benefit of a tech-savvy mentor is the ability to connect across geographic areas. This allows you to find the best real estate coach available regardless of where you live or plan to invest.

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If you’ve been dreaming of real estate investing but are unsure how to start, contact Laura Alamery today. She has a proven track record of her own wealth building investments and being a real estate investing mentor to others to start successful real estate investment businesses. Join a group or private one-on-one coaching session. Schedule a call with Laura to get started!