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real estate investing coach

What to Look for in a Good Real Estate Coach to Avoid Bad Mentors

Real estate investing is a smart plan to build wealth. However, if you want to avoid risks and find success, you need an experienced and knowledgeable real estate investing mentor to help you get started. Not only that, but you also need to understand what makes a good real estate investing coach so you don’t […]


real estate investment business plan

How to Create a Business Plan to Invest in Real Estate

Do you want to grow wealth with real estate investments? If so, the most important factor is your mindset. In order to be successful with real estate financing, you must treat your investments like a real business because that’s what it is. Otherwise, you’ll limit your opportunities for success. Like with any new business venture, […]


hard money definition

Hard Money Definition: What it is, and what it’s good for!

You’ll notice across the web that all ‘hard money definitions’ have some variables; but knowing the whys and wherefores are key to using this kind of loan wisely. The following article provides real estate investing tips on hard money loans. What’s Good for the Goose… For a real estate investor, hard money loans will be secured by […]



Location, Location, Location: What to Look for in an Area Before Investing in Real Estate

Real estate investment involves a lot of tough choices. One of the first major decisions that most people must make when choosing an investment real estate property is the location. A good location is one that will meet the needs of the customers and sell or rent for a profitable price. Deciding which locations are […]


Real Estate Investing Tips

Real Estate Investing Tips: 7 Tips To Help You Become A More Successful Real Estate Investor.

The Top 7 Real Estate Investing Tips outlined in this post have been implemented in my own real estate investment career. 1. Specialize in something you have a passion for: My grandmother use to say “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.” This is very important. If you […]