JoyJoy Check“I just completed my first deal and now I can say that I am an investor OFFICIALLY… more talking!!!  With her help, I was able to do it all within the first few months of her mentorship.  I use to read these reviews and think that they weren’t real….but trust me, this one is real.  I’m so happy and after recently getting laid off, her assistance couldn’t have been more beneficial.  If you put the work in, success isn’t far behind and with Laura just about guaranteed.  Thanks a bunch!!!”

Joy Chapman – Birmingham, Alabama

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Diane Johnson closed on her first after starting real estate training in only 3 weeks and made $8,500!

Diane Johnson Check

“My name is Steve Grimes from Colorado Springs, CO.  I have been working with Laura for over a year. Since I  have been working with Laura, my business has increased.  Her program gives you the information you need to be successful and she explains things in a way that just about everyone can understand. The greatest thing about her is that she cares about her students.  Anytime that I have run into a problem and have asked her for help, I got immediate response and it was from her, not a staff member.

There are a lot of companies out there that charge more money to mentor people.  However, they get to you when it is convenient to them, you usually get a staff member who doesn’t know as much as you even, and they don’t supply you with ongoing education like Laura does.  I believe in investing in education and having a Mentor that you can go to should you have a question or problem.  For me, that person is Laura Al-Amery.”

Steve GrimesColorado Springs, Colorado1st Choice Homes & Loans

“Dear Laura, Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. In May, 2016 I was invited to a Meetup where you where giving a Seminar, and I didn’t signed because at that moment I was completely broke, Two month late in my car payment and one month late in my rent., When I arrived to my house, I visited your webpage, and found you have a course broken in six month payments. I had only $400 in my bank account, and made a decision that I don’t recommend anybody to do, but I followed my intuition.

I said to myself: “$400 is not enough to cover my debts, but $200 dollars invested in this course may change my life”. So, I purchase the Rapid REI Riches Bootcamp. Two weeks later I signed a deal with another of your students and did a wholesale deal for a little more than $10,000 profit. It took me a little more than a month to close, because the buyer needed financing, but we finally closed.

I paid all my debts and am working in my next deal. Thanks a lot, Laura for sharing with me that valuable knowledge. You really saved my life.”

Alexander Hernandez – Miami, Florida

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Hernandez Check






starina“Someone like Laura, you almost hate to share! At first meeting, I knew if I stuck with her, I was going to be able to learn a lot and grow my knowledge in REI. Laura has a wealth of valuable experience and although an expert, she has the ability to share what she knows and use her story to help you write yours…simply priceless!”

Starina Jones Nostalgia Investments – St Louis, Missouri

“Laura is an invaluable stream of knowledge based on her years of experience in the real estate industry. She knows what works and the mine fields to avoid in this complex industry.”

Al Wolf Distressed Property Specialist- Marketing, REO Professional Foreclosures- Highlight Realty Network, Florida

“With Laura’s supervision our company has made it to another successful close. How would $53,254.26 change your life? We are very passionate about what we do! Having a good mentor makes all the difference.”

Donna Wilson BMW Investment Properties – Kansas City, Missouri

“Laura has been very helpful when I have needed sound advice or just to bounce an idea off. She has the knowledge of what works and what doesn’t and keeps very current in the real estate world. She truly is an inspiration and motivator. I am really glad we connected!”

Laura Bullock BMW Investment Properties LLC – Kansas City, Missouri

“Laura is a very knowledgeable instructor; attentive to detail, excellent advisor, and always looking to help you succeed. I looked for 5 years before I found a mentor of this caliber.”

S. Diane Ridgway Atlanta, Georgia

“With Laura’s help I was able to flip 4 properties in 2 months, while before I hired her as a coach I was stuck and I had spent thousands of dollars in real estate education that I did not know how to apply.”

Gary Harrison Watertown, Massachussets

“I currently employ Laura as my real estate investing coach. With her assistance, I’ve put together a real estate business and am in the process of purchasing my first property. She takes the fear out of this difficult and challenging business with her excellent advice and creative ideas for solving problems. In a short time, she has saved me from making several beginner mistakes that would have cost me time and money. I highly recommend Laura to beginning and experienced real estate investors who want to take their businesses to the next level”

K. K. Watts IDENTITY, Ink – Tampa, Florida