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LinkedIn For Wholesalers

LinkedIn For Wholesalers: Use LinkedIn to grow your real estate wholesaling business.

LinkedIn Is A Powerful Tool For Real Estate Wholesaling:

Find Real Estate Buyers On LinkedIn:

Posting your wholesale properties to your LinkedIn wall is one way to find buyers. Another way is to post great content about the real estate market in the “niche” areas you focus on:

  • Post content that your buyers, would be interested in;
  • Position yourself as an authority on Real Estate Investing in those areas.
  • Make sure this content has an opt in, so you can add these LinkedIn connections to your buyers list.

LinkedIn for wholesalers is the best source of high quality leads, for buyers, and business partners! Building relationships with other professionals on LinkedIn will be a key to your success or failure there.

You need LinkedIn connections who will recommend you (without asking) and endorse you for Real Estate Wholesaling, without asking. You need to encourage your connections to “Like,” and “Comment” on your posts, and to do the same for them. This way you build a mutually beneficial relationship. Posts with more “Likes,” and “Comments” have more authority, and receive more attention, for free!

Find Real Estate Sellers On LinkedIn: 

Your first step in finding distressed or motivated sellers of real estate is to identify your target market. Let’s say you are targeting people in pre-foreclosure. Then post great content about how to avoid foreclosure, on how to stop a foreclosure, on the benefits of a short sale, or subject to. Let distressed home sellers know there are options in a friendly and educational manner. Position yourself as the real estate wholesaling expert on LinkedIn, who is here to help them in a time of crisis. I’d definitely consider creating a LinkedIn group for “For Sale By Owner Properties In St. Louis” or whatever your target market is. (check out my article on Facebook & Facebook Groups Here)

Find Real Estate Lenders For Wholesaling On LinkedIn:

This is easier than you think. The first place I would look is in LinkedIn groups on real estate, to see anyone posting about funding they provide. Be VERY careful, never give anyone your personal information, until you have verified they are who they say they are. Additionally, NEVER pay any up front fees to secure a loan. It’s one thing to pay a small fee to run credit. But some companies promise for $5,000 or more, they can get you a loan for say $150,000, even if you have a 520 credit score.  Those companies are usually run by scammers, and frequently go out of business, leaving you stuck in a contract you can no longer fund, and $5,000 poorer. The REI Lab (our company) offers transactional funding, to our coaching students. The best part about our transactional funding is we don’t check your credit, verify your income, or ask you for stocks, bonds, IRAs, or CDs we can lien against. We base our transactional funding strictly on the property, that it is being acquired by you, for less than it is worth. The other requirement is that since you are wholesaling this property “as is,” you need to have an end buyer in place, whether it is another co-wholesaler, a fix and flip investor, or a landlord seeking additional rental property. We can fund this loan for up to 360 days, which is unique for transactional funding. Best of all there are no mortgage payments for the first 90 days of the loan. We will fund 100% of the purchase price, and you can add your closing costs to the loan!

Find Other Real Estate Professionals: Using LinkedIn People Search

  • Real Estate Investors: So go to the search function and type in “buy & hold” then it will display search results, you can then limit your search to a specific city, people only in your 2nd connections (which means you know someone they do, who can introduce the two of you.). You could look for other wholesalers as well, by executing that search.
  • Real Estate Bird Dogs: This works basically the same was as the searches mentioned above. As a wholesaler if you aren’t familiar with bird dogs, you should become so, as they can be a great referral source for you, and if you don’t take the cash to pay out of pocket for a referral, you can sign a co-wholesaling agreement with them. (we provide co-wholesaling agreements, drafted by our attorney to our coaching students. )
  • Real Estate Agents: Believe it or not real estate agents can be a referral source for you, of both buyers and sellers. It’s all about relationship building. Maybe they have clients that they can’t serve, or don’t wish to. Maybe you can provide a solution there for them. Additionally maybe you have clients that you cannot help, but an agent can. They would gladly pay you a referral fee, for a listing that closes successfully.
LinkedIn Groups: I would create a LinkedIn group for all of your buyers to peruse (that is private, not public). The group could be “Wholesale Properties For Sale In St. Louis, MO” for example. You can list your property, survey your buyers to see what they are looking for, and where they are buying with survey polls. You can post content that positions you as an expert real estate wholesaler on LinkedIn to your buyers. Additionally, as mentioned previously, you can create a group that will attract sellers as well. There are additional groups that could be created, I will leave that to your imagination. Or to my upcoming product on Social Media for Real Estate Wholesalers, which will be released SOON. It’s going to be very awesome. So I hope you check it out, when it launches! I promise the cost will be very reasonable! If you’d like to be added to the launch email list, please email me at laura@lauraalamery.com with the subject “Social Media For Wholesalers”.
LinkedIn Company: Be sure to claim your “Company” on LinkedIn, and set it up. It helps you rank better in Google searches, and provides additional benefits to you on LinkedIn directly. Well folks, that’s all she wrote. I really appreciate you taking the time to read my article. I hope you found it a productive use of your time. Please connect with me on LinkedIn below, and Like our Facebook page as well.

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