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Facebook For Wholesalers

Facebook For Wholesalers: How To Use Facebook To Grow Your Real Estate Wholesaling Business

Facebook For Wholesalers Of Real Estate:

  • Find Buyers: You can, and should utilize Facebook to help you find buyers for wholesale properties you have now, or may have in the future. One of my recommendations is that you pick a few areas, that you want to specialize in. Become an expert on these areas, create lot’s of great content about these areas on Facebook. Post content about the schools in that area, parks, events, local businesses, local sports teams, local news. But get really specific, don’t try to compete with 100 other people for a broad term like St. Louis, or Missouri. Pick a specific zip code, or neighborhood that you want to “specialize in”. You want to be known as an expert on that area. When people search for that school, or park, or that zip code, or area, you want them to find your content, on your Facebook Page. Your page will also have a photo gallery, with your “Available Properties”. It’s a good idea to capture the email addresses of anyone interested in properties in that area as well.
  • Find Distressed Sellers: You can post relevant content about how to avoid Foreclosure, how to successfully navigate a short sale, or how to avoid one all together. Again please pick an area you want to target, and a real estate wholesaling niche you plan to specialize in. Post great content about common problems people have, and the solutions your company can offer. Start a Facebook Group, or Page for “For Sale By Owner Listings In St. Louis, MO”. Obviously that strategy would allow you to attract both buyers, and sellers! It’s win, win! Think outside the box, there are other wholesalers of real estate out there. What makes you unique, special, or different?
  • Market Your Wholesale Real Estate Properties On Facebook: Be sure to add your wholesale real estate properties to a folder of photos called “Listings” or “Available Properties”. Giving them the correct file names, and descriptions is important. So when people are searching for something, they find relevant  content. They could search by neighborhood, zip code, type of home, price, etc. Obviously discretion may be required, with some properties. Depending on the situation. Never give out too much information on a real estate property you are trying to wholesale, if you don’t own it yet. There are unscrupulous competitors, who will try to go behind your back to get the property. That doesn’t mean you can’t market the property, it just means you need to be discrete about it!
  • Using Facebook Personal As A Wholesaler: You don’t want to over post business content on your personal wall. That being said from time to time, encourage your Facebook friends to Like your company page, or to join your Facebook Group. That way they will opt in to receiving all of the information you post about your real estate wholesaling business in those places.
  • Facebook Company Page For Your Wholesaling Business: Setting up a company page is an important step in your Facebook marketing efforts. All Real Estate Wholesalers, need a Facebook Page, there are no exceptions to that rule! The great thing about company pages, is that you can post as much content as you wish. Anyone who is subscribed to the page, is obviously interested in what you have to say. Which is why it is a bad idea, to over post business content, to your personal Facebook wall. Not everyone who is friends with you, is interested in Real Estate. If the friends unsubscribe from your news feed, then they won’t see any of your personal posts. That’s why I try to keep those areas somewhat separate. Remember to think like your target audience when describing what to post on your company page. If you want people to take you seriously, don’t post the latest picture or video of cute cats. Post things relevant to your business, that build your credibility.
  • Starting A Facebook Group: You can start a Facebook Group for example called “Wholesale Real Estate Properties In St. Louis” and invite all of your buyers to the group. Make sure the group is public, and that all of it’s content is visible to members, and non-members. I would require however that all posts in the group, and all new members, be approved by you first.

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Article Written By: Derek Puleo