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Up and Coming Cities for Real Estate Investing

Up and coming cities to live and invest in real estate are diverse and scattered across the United States. Though each city has its own unique reasons for becoming a place to look out for in the near future, there are many common factors that link them all such as a booming real estate market, affordability, and rapid […]



Miami Real Estate Market

Miami real estate market, has finally slowed down with even markets like Miami Beach seeing some of its lowest prices in years, after experiencing a long period of profound activity. Though despite slowing sales, Miami real estate is expected to stay strong throughout. In Miami Beach, for instance, sales in the first quarter were down a staggering […]



Miami Real Estate Investing Expo 2016

Miami Real Estate Investing Expo targeting real estate investors, agents and Miami Real Estate professionals will be happening at the Holiday Inn Miami Beach Oceanfront on February 20, 2016. Real estate investors and experts will gather for a full day event of education, training, networking and business development. The concept and idea is by Realty411 Magazine, a nationwide real […]


Real Estate Investing Tips

International Real Estate Investing – The Time is Now

International real estate investing is a topic that has become more familiar in the last few years, especially due to the increasingly fluid global market economy. One question any serious investor may ask is whether the time to invest in international real estate is now. Just like any other form of investment, the international real estate business has […]

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