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The Atlanta Real Estate Market is Alive and Well

The Atlanta real estate market and its trends have always caught the eye of real estate investors. It’s an established older metropolitan city with a good economic foundation. The job demand, along with the multitude of corporate headquarters based here, continue to attract a wide demographic sample of real estate buyers.

That said, as we close in on the summer months of 2017 we find Atlanta pretty much riding the curve of the sales and appreciation of 2016. According to Trulia, over the past year home sales have increased about 12%. During that same period, Realtor.com reports that Atlanta’s appreciation value has been about 10% – a remarkable number compared to the national average of about 4%!

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What is making the Atlanta real estate market so desirable?

Let’s take a look at the factors impacting this city’s ‘stand out’ investing opportunities!

  1. Metro Affordability:  Compared to other metropolitan areas across the United States, metro Atlanta home and rental prices are some of the most affordable.
  2. Millennial Job Stability and Demand: Because Atlanta is home to many major corporate headquarters (Coca Cola, Delta, Home Depot, CNN and more), it attracts millennials as well as seasoned top talent from all around our nation. Atlanta offers plenty of startup business opportunities, raising the economic confidence of millennials – who are now realizing they can buy instead of just renting.
  3. Mortgage Rates are on The Rise: Buyers are noticing this trend and more apt to stop procrastinating and purchase now before the interest rates are out of reach.
  4. Lenders are Relaxing Restrictions: While mortgage rates may be increasing, loans are less restrictive and easier to obtain, allowing more buyers to purchase homes.
  5. Low Inventory prompts New Construction/Revitalization: With consistent demand for housing in metro Atlanta over the past few years, developers have taken advantage of the chance to add new homes and subdivisions to the area. With a lack of vacant lots and acreage close to commuting thoroughfares, builders have turned their attention to older neighborhoods. Revitalization projects are turning dated structures into lofts and condos, and replacing abandoned city blocks with new housing.

Why is this welcome news for Atlanta real estate market investors?

With such a strong and healthy real estate market, Atlanta’s population is steadily increasing. The favorable economy, job growth and quality of life is becoming more and more attractive to those relocating from areas with declining markets.

There is an abundance of capital available from both American and foreign investors looking for a good return on investment (ROI) which can then be used for new construction and rehabbing of fix and flip properties. This is prime time for real estate investors wanting to enter the business, either as wholesalers or flippers.

For wholesalers (since there is a high demand for inventory) knowing how to find properties in ‘the hidden markets’ not already listed in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is key! There are plenty to choose from – when you know where to look – such as preforeclosures, tax delinquent homes, probates, bankruptcy cases, etc.

As flippers, knowing where to locate money from private lenders is critical. Baby boomers and foreign investors have access to liquid assets and they are anxious to earn an above average ROI. They’re just waiting for real estate investors to come forward with deals to increase the return on their savings, so what are you waiting for – a blueprint? Well, we’ve got one!

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