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2019 Orlando Real Estate Investment Trends

Orlando is a real estate investor’s dream with a population of over 2.5 million people and high volumes of tourists annually. In fact, in 2017, 72 million people visited Orlando setting tourism records. This diverse and growing city offers real estate investors a variety of options to grow your portfolio. Also, with virtual real estate investing strategies, you don’t need to live in the Orlando area to benefit from this rich investing market. Don’t miss out on real estate investing trends and opportunities.

2019 Orlando Real Estate Investment Trends

Housing prices in Orlando continue to grow in 2019. While this may sound risky for real estate investors, it actually indicates a strong market. In addition, affordable housing is in low supply in the Orlando metro area, which offers an opportunity to flip lower priced houses or purchase homes to rent.

Market trend reports for the Orlando Metro area support that it’s a buyer’s market. The average home listing price is lower than the average purchase price. In other words, it’s a good time to buy in Orlando. A solid real estate investing strategy for Orlando is to balance your portfolio by using varied investment strategies, including short- and long-term rentals, flips, wholesaling, lease option-to buy and more.

Renter Rich Orlando Real Estate Market

Only 35% of Orlando residents live in a home they own. The diversity of Orlando’s population supports its high level of renters. Florida has a large number of retirees, and the Baby Boomer generation makes up a large percentage of the rental market nationwide. In fact, Millennials and Baby Boomers comprise the largest percentage of all renters.

In addition, Orlando is home to several universities which drive up rental demands. Another contributor to the high demand for rental properties is the affordable housing crisis, which makes it difficult for people to afford to purchase a home.

For real estate investors looking to invest in long-term rental properties, Orlando is a solid choice to grow your portfolio.

Tourist Haven Creates Short-Term Rental Success

Due to Orlando’s vast number of annual tourists, short-term rental investments are a good real estate investing strategy for this market. With tourist rates on the rise for this area, short-term rental properties are in high demand. Unlike some tourist areas, Orlando has high tourist rates throughout the year.

One way to gain the most value out of your vacation rental investment is with targeted upgrades that not only make your property more appealing for renters, but also increases its overall value. Orlando is one of the best markets in the country to invest in vacation rentals.

Also, if your investment needs shift or the market changes, vacation rentals can always be treated as long-term rentals or even sold. However, in the Orlando market, the future looks bright for short-term, vacation rentals.

Increasing Rent Prices in the Orlando Metro Area

Rental rates are growing in the Orlando Metro area. The most recent average monthly rental rates for Orlando shows a 3-year increase of 8.58%. In 2018, Orlando ranked as the top metro area for rent growth in the nation.

If you consider that Orlando is currently a buyer’s market with growing rental rates, it’s an easy decision to consider Orlando for real estate investing. While housing prices are not growing as quickly as in previous years, they are still growing. Investing in rental properties should offer a solid return on your investment.

With increased rent prices in Orlando, you’ll be able to more quickly profit from your real estate investment. From its large immigrant population to its large number of retirees, Orlando’s rental market it strong with vacancy rates lower than a decade ago and rental rates higher.

Invest in More Than Just Rental Properties in Orlando

While the rental property investment market is strong, Orlando offers other investment opportunities. Use the real estate investing strategies from your playbook. For example, probate, foreclosure and tax liens are good sources to locate properties. Also, if you don’t want to manage rental properties, flipping houses to sell to real estate investors that seek rental properties is a good opportunity.

Orlando Real Estate Coaching with Laura Alamery

If you are serious about real estate investing in the Orlando, Florida market, schedule a call with Laura Alamery, Real Estate Investing Coach. One of the best investments you can make for your real estate investment business is coaching and mentoring from a successful and experienced real estate coach.

Working with a real estate investing coach is a great way to build your skill set and network. Attend a live training event, sign up for group or private mentoring or use the online resources, like eBooks, blogs, videos and webinars to boost your knowledge.

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