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Reasons To Invest In Real Estate In The New Year

The new year is an excellent time to begin a real estate investment career — and not just because it’s the season of New Year’s resolutions.

The spirit of New Years and new beginnings is certainly a help when it comes to actually taking that first step toward real estate investment. There’s a sense of new possibility, of opportunity, and of transformation. This spirit is the momentum you might need to finally commit to growing your own portfolio.

Not only is the New Year’s atmosphere great for real estate, but New Years is also a legitimately great time to invest.

If you’re on the fence about real estate or need some confidence going in, consider these reasons that make New Years an excellent time to invest.

1. You Have Time Over The Holidays

While having time over the holidays might seem like a crazy statement between holiday shopping, office parties, and trips to visit the in-laws, the reality is that you do have more time off work.

It’s really hard to meaningfully commit to real estate investing (including researching, viewing, and purchasing homes) when you have to do everything after your 9 to 5. During the holidays, you have a chance to research the markets when you’re not already preoccupied or exhausted from a day at the office.

2. There Are More Open Houses Available

Whether you want to fix and flip a house or purchase one as a rental property, you probably need to see the property before making that decision.

During December and early January, there are way more open houses than you’d think. This might seem counterintuitive since the traditional housing spike occurs during the summer, but it actually makes sense if you consider business activities.

Businesses are much more likely to relocate or make staffing changes around this time of year. These individuals must relocate quickly, and they don’t have time to be picky. They’re much more likely to negotiate.

It also helps that people travel during this season. They’re much more likely to hold an open house if they’re out of town already.

3. Tax Incentives Are Better

There’s nothing like the tax break that buying a new home yields. If you can purchase a property before the year ends, you’re looking at a number of tax benefits. While there are all sorts of tax incentives available for buying a home, the primary ones involve:

  • Excluded or deferred capital gains tax
  • Deducted mortgage interest expenses

Be sure to consult with a CPA to figure out the tax incentives that make the most sense for you.

4. It’s Easier To Budget

If you create a household budget every year, it’s far easier to see how real estate investment fits at the beginning of the year. You can more accurately set and stick to a budget, including your newest investment, during this time of the year.

5. There Are Real Estate Investment Seminars To Attend

Because the New Year is such an opportune time for real estate investment, many real estate investing coaches will hold live events around this time of year.

Laura Alamery, a top-rated real estate coach with years of experience in the field, offers live real estate coaching events to help people prepare for this time of year. Her upcoming events include:

  • Miami — New Year, New Career In Real Estate Investment (Dec. 13)
  • Orlando — New Year, New Career In Real Estate Investment (Dec. 15)
  • Online Live Training — New Year, New Career In Real Estate Investment (Dec. 20)

During these seminars, you learn exactly how to make a part-time real estate career into a successful one. Each seminar starts with an action plan for the year, strategies to locate properties with potential, virtual real estate tips, and three real estate strategies to enact immediately.

If you’re looking for practical, clearly laid out real estate strategies, attending a seminar with Laura Alamery is the best thing you can do for your burgeoning investment portfolio.

About Laura Alamery, Real Estate Investment Coach

In addition to live events, Laura Alamery also offers individual coaching, online courses, and webinars. With three decades of experience and a successful real estate portfolio, Laura is an expert in the field and communicates actionable, proven strategies to her mentees.

Check out what Laura’s students have to say about her real estate coaching:

“My name is Steve Grimes from Colorado Springs, CO. I have been working with Laura for over a year. Since I have been working with Laura, my business has increased. Her program gives you the information you need to be successful and she explains things in a way that just about everyone can understand. The greatest thing about her is that she cares about her students. Anytime that I have run into a problem and have asked her for help, I got immediate response and it was from her, not a staff member.

There are a lot of companies out there that charge more money to mentor people. However, they get to you when it is convenient to them, you usually get a staff member who doesn’t know as much as you even, and they don’t supply you with ongoing education like Laura does. I believe in investing in education and having a Mentor that you can go to should you have a question or problem. For me, that person is Laura Alamery.” Steve Grimes – Colorado Springs, Colorado – 1st Choice Homes & Loans

Benefit from Laura’s knowledge today at a live event, webinar, or coaching session!