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mls listings

MLS Listings – How to Use the MLS to Find Motivated Sellers and the Best Deals

For over 20 years, we’ve successfully used the MLS online real estate investing method to find properties and close deals. As more business activities move online, the MLS Listings offers an invaluable tool for real estate investors.

Virtual real estate investing works across a variety of real estate strategies, including wholesale, buy and hold or fix and flip deals. The MLS also works to execute these types of real estate strategies and makes virtual real estate investing easier. Learn now how to use the MLS Listings as a vital investing tool.

What is the MLS?

The MLS is short for Multiple Listing Service. The MLS is a collaborative tool used by real estate professionals to share details for properties listed for sale or potential sale. With the MLS, real estate agents and other real estate professionals can view all the real estate activity, including property history.

The MLS allows for searching based on specific details to narrow down the types of properties available. For example, you can view properties on the market over a certain number of days or properties in specific price ranges.

How to Use the MLS for Real Estate Investing

The MLS works for real estate agents helping clients locate homes. However, the MLS also works to help investors find desirable properties. As a real estate investor, you want to find properties listed below market value or in areas with potential for property value growth. The MLS Listings helps you identify properties that match well for real estate investing.

If a property has many days on the market, a wholesale deal may appeal to the seller. As an investor, you then reach out to the seller or listing agent with how you can aid in the sales process through a wholesale deal.

The MLS also lists foreclosure properties which make a good option for real estate investors. By using the MLS Listings to narrow down your criteria, you create a list of potential properties that offer more realistic options for real estate investment deals.

Your New Tool for Real Estate Investing – MLS

If you are new to the MLS or real estate investing, we are here to help guide you. Use the MLS to grow your real estate investing business. We offer a step-by-step guide to using the MLS.

  • Locate properties that meet specific criteria
  • See the listing agent’s contact information
  • Reach out to the listing agent to explain the benefits of working with a real estate
  • Develop a contract that includes all the details for the specific deal
  • For wholesale deals, bring buyers to take over the contract
  • Close the deal at a price range to make a profit
  • Start over for your next deal

mls listings

Why the MLS Works for Real Estate Investors

In our experience, we’ve not seen the MLS taught by other real estate investing coaches as a tool to locate new real estate investing deals. Yet, we’ve seen first-hand how the MLS aids in successful real estate deals. In fact, we personally used the MLS to grow our real estate investing business.

The biggest benefit of the MLS is the ability to view a massive number of properties at one time. Also, with the search features you narrow down the list to properties that match your investment goals.

The MLS works for all types of investment deals. Whether you want to add buy and hold properties to your portfolio and increase your passive income or make quick cash with wholesale deals, the MLS works.

During our current times of ever-changing restrictions, the MLS remains available as a tool to view properties. In fact, we see the MLS as a vital tool for virtual real estate investing. You search for properties from the comfort of your home or office regardless of pandemic limitations.

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