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Real estate investing tools

Laura Alamery’s Secrets Revealed – My Top Real Estate Investing Tools

Real estate is a relationship business where knowledge matters. As we’ve seen in recent months, real estate has staying power even in times of economic uncertainty. Whether you are just launching your real estate investing business or want insight into how to grow your business, real estate coaching and mentoring offers you a leg up.

One thing I’ve learned over the years is that the right real estate investing tools are essential for success. With the right tools, you save time, money and avoid costly mistakes. My real estate investing coaching and mentoring clients receive a list of my favorite industry tools. Yet, I’ve decided to share my list of top real estate investing tools with you!

My #1 Tool

My biggest piece of advice and top tool for real estate investing is strong connections within the industry. This includes networks, coaching, events and more to keep you connected. I can’t say it strongly enough. No other tool will matter if you aren’t invested in the industry.

When I started out in real estate investing, training and coaching were non-existent. I had to figure out how to enter the male dominated field of real estate investing without all the resources and tools available today. Therefore, I am passionate about sharing what I know with other investors.

I offer real estate coaching and mentoring. In addition, I offer live events, training and more to help real estate investors thrive in this industry. I know first-hand that success in real estate investing is not only possible, but it’s probable with the right knowledge, relationships and tools.

Tools to Stay Organized

Success is in the details with real estate investing. From managing marketing activities to closing transaction requirements, a real estate investing business has many daily tasks. Most investors, especially new investors, can’t afford full-time employees. However, with the right tools, you can access help without a full-time commitment.

I like to work with freelancers I locate via online tools. The relationship is a win-win. I reach out when I need help and the freelancer works within their available schedule.

I recommend:

  • VA4REI, which stands for Virtual Assistant for Real Estate Investors. This site provides access to trained and experienced virtual assistants with a focus on real estate investing.
  • Upwork, which offers a variety of freelancers across various job functions. From social media to outbound callers to copywriters, you’ll gain access to experienced professionals on an as needed basis.

The key is that you don’t have to do all the work yourself. You can connect with people that have the right skills to help you succeed.

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Tools to Create Efficiency

As your business grows, you don’t want to waste time. Instead, use tools that offer efficiency for your processes. For example, create ease by allowing reliable and trusted online document signing. Or, improve your marketing with lead generation and email marketing tools. The resources are available to help you grow.

I have several tools I use to make my daily tasks easier and my business run smoother. In addition, using standard tools makes it easier for a virtual assistant or other freelancer to help you out without having to learn new systems.

PropStream – This smart real estate software creates a way for you to easily pull lists and run comparables. In addition, you can use this tool to identify specific types of properties, like distressed, to help you target your search.

GetResponse – Use this tool to set up newsletters and auto responders. It also offers tools for marketing automation and email marketing. Email marketing continues to offer one of the best returns on investment of marketing dollars spent.

Podio – Organization is key. Podio is a project management and collaboration software to keep you and your team in sync.

Mojo Dialer – Cold calling is a part of real estate investing, and Mojo Dialer helps make the process smoother. It offers a reliable autodialing solution.

TextMagic – Texting is another great marketing tool. TextMagic allows you to text in bulk. You get the personalization of texting in less time.

DocuSign – Especially now, you need a trusted way to sign documents virtually. DocuSign’s encrypted technology allows you and your clients to sign easily with this trusted solution.

DealMachine – This is a drive for dollars app that allows you to contact any property owner with a simple photo.

OnCarrot – This website is specifically designed for real estate investors. It helps generate leads and grow your real estate investing business.

Zairmail – Direct mail is still a part of real estate investing. Thankfully, tools like Zairmail make it easy to manage. They offer letters, postcards, snap packs and more all from your computer.

Put My Tools to Work for Your Business

Now that you have my cheat sheet of handy real estate investing tools, you are on your way to more efficiency and organization for your business. If you want to learn more about how to succeed in real estate investing, contact me today.

I offer a variety of resources to help real estate investors learn and grow. I’m invested in your real estate success!

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