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Tricks to Raising Commercial Property Value: Part II

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Choosing Laura Alamery as your mentor gives you access to her incredible base of industry knowledge (30 years), personally proven strategies and an extensive support system. What makes Laura even more unique is her approachability, passion, and determination to help YOU succeed!

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Laura has mentored hundreds of students, as well as other seasoned investors, and regularly holds popular training classes in several metro cities across the United States. According to her students, when it comes to real estate investing mentors, “Laura is the REAL DEAL!”


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If you’re lost in the noise and confusion that Laura calls analysis paralysis – and you need the proverbial push to get started or take your investing business to another level – Laura Alamery has a blueprint for your success that is guaranteed to work!

Laura Alamery has designed this site as a training platform to give you all the tools, resources, and education to finally master the art of real estate investing. Her genuine approach to mentoring is punctuated with shared truisms and plenty of successful strategies.

Investing even more of her time and effort to student success, Laura communicates added mentoring through her blog, as well as Mastermind calls with subscribers; where she discusses relevant topics, answers questions and networks with investors nationwide.

Laura also runs several real estate Meetup groups and workshops around the U.S. and coordinates expos featuring keynote speakers like Robert Allen; author of ‘Nothing Down’ and ‘Multiple Streams of Income.’

As a real estate investing mentor and consultant with extensive experience in several aspects of the real estate business, Laura has pioneered multiple strategies from personal experience which she now teaches nationwide, even to other mentors!  

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“Dear Laura, Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. I purchased the Rapid REI Riches Bootcamp. Two weeks later I did a wholesale deal for a little more than $10,000 profit.”

~ Alexander Hernandez

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“With Laura’s supervision our company has made it to another successful close. How would $53,254.26 change your life? We are very passionate about what we do! Having a good mentor makes all the difference.”

~ Donna Wilson

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“I attended an REI Lab Meetup and was motivated by Laura to give real estate investment a try. In just one week I studied the material and 3 weeks later I closed my first deal. 3 years on I am now a landlord and accomplished investor.”

~ Diane Johnson

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“I can honestly say her system WORKS! It is not often in this industry that you find people who are this accessible, this open and this knowledgeable. But Laura is one of these people. ”

~ Karen Swinger

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