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Tax Delinquent Property Investing

Tax Delinquent Property InvestingAnything can lead to something good – if you do it right.

Let’s stack the deck.

Let’s say that you placed an announcement in Cosmo saying that Brad Pitt was going to be in Times Square and he would kiss any girl that wanted him to kiss her. What are the odds of having a crowd of woman to rival New Year’s Eve?

Real Estate

It’s the same with real estate investing; you have to stack the deck and then just keep doing something good until you get the result you deserve.

Let’s stack the real estate deck.

Tax Delinquent Property is the Brad Pitt of real estate investing choices.

  1. You can invest anywhere with US law; the entire US or the territories.
  2. There are huge public databases of properties at risk available to you.
    1. 40% – 80% of properties going to tax auction are free and clear.
  3. You can select which properties you like from the many thousands in your area.
  4. You can market to those properties.
  5. You can negotiate a transaction and close.
  6. You can reward yourself.
  7. You can do it over and over again.

The BIG Idea:

By limiting yourself to only seeking databases of properties where a high percentage of the properties are free and clear, it tremendously increases your odds of getting a great transaction. You know that tax delinquent owners are in trouble because they have not paid their property taxes. Yet they have no mortgage to pay off and can sell the property for any price they wish.

Formula: Troubled Owner + Lots of Equity = Opportunity $$$

It’s the equivalent of Brad Pitt being your roommate. You are hanging around in the right place – eventually, something good is going to happen to you!

Smart Investing!

This article has been contributed by Mitchell Goldstein or “Coach Mitch”

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