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Real Estate Social Media Strategies and Tips for Investors

Real Estate Social Media Marketing Strategy should be an integral part of any real estate investor’s marketing campaign. As with any marketing strategy, it is important that the investor sets out beforehand what he or she is trying to achieve with a particular social media marketing strategy.

Results have to be measured so efforts can be concentrated in the areas that matter most.

These are some of the most common goals for real estate social media marketing. Of course different campaigns should be created to achieve different goals:

  • Building a Buyers’ List
  • Locating Private Lenders
  • Finding Landlords, Rehabbers, Investors
  • Advertising Properties For Sale

Real Estate Social Media Marketing Strategy:

As part of any good strategy is creating a system, outlining goals, and measuring results. These are some tips to take into consideration when creating a real estate social media marketing strategy for investing, which will yield results:

1. Focus on the Social Media Channels that matter for real estate investing:

  • Facebook – building a personal profile with the right keywords that identify you as a real estate investor, geographical areas of interest, real estate niches is the first important step in creating an online brand and identity as a real estate investor. Also having a fan page about your business, where you can embed a landing page (to attract buyers for your buyers’ list) and other clever apps to engage and create a following should definitely be on top of the priorities list. Join groups, fan pages, network, contribute with comments and share posts.
  • Linkedin – is very popular with business professionals, especially established real estate investors and lenders. You can definitely harvest the power of Linkedin to find qualified buyers and private lenders. As with Facebook, building a personal profile with the right keywords that identify you as a real estate investor, geographical areas of interest, real estate niches, and so on, is crucial.
  • Twitter – follow and be followed. Tie it to your Linkedin account for simultaneous postings and build your contacts base.
  • YouTube – a YouTube channel (by the way, YouTube is owned by Google, so it is favored over social media channels,) is going to be very important especially when you start having properties to sell. Create a short 2 minute video of the property you have for sale, using the right keywords and address. Promote it on the social media channels that you have already established and it will provide a double benefit – show the property to potential buyers, so you prequalify who is interested in the property before you show it to them in person, and build your buyers’ list with more buyers, since you are being noted for being an active and pro-active investor.

2. Follow a defined post strategy – use a social media marketing posting calendar:

A social media posting calendar can be as simple as a spreadsheet or your own agenda and calendar. Outline what posts you are going to promote the rest of the week, so you will avoid overposting or not posting at all.

Use the 80/20 rule when creating your posts: 80 percent of your posts should be about lifestyle tips and other areas relevant to the real estate market in your area, and 20 percent should be about your real estate properties or other promos (like locating buyers, sellers or lenders.) Examples of lifestyle tips and other real estate topics are facts about neighborhood events, articles in the local paper or sites about the local real estate market and of course news and trends about real estate investing and economy at a national level.

3. PPC (Pay Per Click) Campaigns with Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Google:

If you are in a position to spend some money with paid social media marketing efforts, you should definitely invest some marketing budget once you have your profiles and fan page in place. I have built specific buyers’ lists for specific areas and interests using mainly PPC campaigns.

With PPC Campaigns you can target prospective clients according to demographics, topics of interest, and so much more to make sure that your ad is seen by the right person.

All the social media channels (and Google) of course give priority to paid ads and posts over organic posts.

You have to be careful though how you display your ads. It can get very expensive with little results. Follow other ads for a while and see how other investors do it. Take notice and then experiment starting with a small budget (like $5 a day) and increase from there as you see the results increase by tweaking the ad (like A/B testing and other strategies.)

Real estate social media marketing is definitely something that should be at the basis of any real estate marketing strategy. There are plenty of tools out there to help you in syndicating and organizing your marketing efforts, like Hootsuite for social media posting.

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