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Real Estate Marketing Strategies with Little to No Cost

All real estate marketing doesn’t have to be expensive. Actually the best lead generation strategies – and where I have achieved the best results – have been free or low cost.

This fact always puzzles my students, and anyone else I talk to when I make this bold statement, “I don’t spend any money on real estate marketing for buyer and seller leads.” How is that possible? Most mentors speak of a marketing budget; of costly ways to get leads which are not feasible for a new investor or anyone starting out on a limited budget.

So how do I achieve results and come up with sellers and buyers without spending money on this kind of target marketing? Though you can find many more strategies in my REI Courses, I would like share just a few with you right now:


1. Public Databases…free

Upcoming foreclosures, tax delinquent property, bankruptcies, probate property – all these are available free of charge to the public, once they are published on record with the county. And these are the best leads since they are straight from the most reliable sources: published government records. Just look up the offices dealing with these publications for your county, call them up and see how you can access them (online, newspaper, CDs, etc.) A great directory of all the public government offices online is NETROnline.com.

2. Demographic Searches…low cost

If you take the time to research your investing area, you will discover that certain demographics seem to be more prominent. Maybe there are lots of multi-family properties or absentee owners (therefore landlords) and you can target “absentee owners, who are over 60 years of age and they have owned the property for over 10 years.” Or if the area is populated with people who spend time at their property only partially every year (like “snowbirds” as they call them in Florida) you can target “absentee owners over 60 years of age.” These searches have produced some of the best leads for me. A title company can run a search from their extensive databases for you at very little cost, or you can contact a crisscross directory like Haines.com.


1. Social Media…free

Join groups on Linkedin and Facebook for real estate investing in your area. Network, and be sure to contribute with comments and posts. These groups are full of investors and private lenders. Read their posts and ask to connect. You can also add a post yourself and let them know you are an investor with properties available.

One important tip: make sure you tweak your social media profile with the right keywords and attributes to identify you as a real estate investor.

2. Real Estate Auctions…free

People who attend real estate auctions are usually cash buyers. You also can find private lenders, bank reps (with REO portfolios) and much more! Auctions are a great venue to really find the serious investors (both buyers and sellers),  bank reps, and other investors with whom you can co-wholesale. It’s a great way to build your real estate business connections.

By auctions I mean foreclosure auctions, tax delinquent property auctions, private auctions, sheriff’s sales, bankruptcy auctions and more. I have attended auctions as a buyer for many years and I have created some powerful alliances through investors I’ve met there.

If you are interested in learning much more about:

  • how to leverage the power and connections at auctions;
  • how to build your business by going to auctions; and
  • how to participate at the auctions – whether as a buyer or seller (round robin auction),

then please check out my online course Real Estate Auctions – Insider’s Secrets Exposed.

There are plenty of ways to build a database of buyers’ or sellers’ leads from resources that are free or low cost, and the real estate marketing strategies I’ve listed here are some of the best and most responsive! All my courses and coaching programs are based on creative strategies that I’ve developed during my 30 years in the business.

“Think outside the box, carve your own niche in the market, be different than other investors and you will thrive in real estate investing for the rest of your life!” …Laura Alamery