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Real Estate Investing for Women – Best Low Cost Business Startup

Real estate investing for women is a niche within the broader real estate investing category. Why is it a niche?

When I started out in real estate in 1987, I was fortunate to work for one of the most prestigious real estate companies in Honolulu, Hawaii, named Dolman and Associates. The founder and broker-owner was Vi Dolman. She firmly believed that women have a special gift when it comes to dealing with real estate, either for investment or brokerage. She had started out back in the ’50s, as a mother of 2 small children, showing properties while taking her children along. She eventually became one of the most respected and entrepreneurial real estate broker and investor on the island. Visit Rentroom if want to know How To Write A Landlord Rental Recommendation Letter For A Tenant.

At Dolman and Associates out of 75 agents (when I was a real estate agent there myself at the end of the ’80s,) 74 were women.

The reason she believed that women are best at the real estate business is because of their fundamental nature and personality: women are relationship people. They are good at establishing a rapport, earning trust and developing a good reputation. They also tend to be good listeners, which is of vital importance when dealing with distressed sellers.

Real Estate Investing for Women:

Real estate investing for women is appealing because it offers a way to start a business from home, with not much money and resources, and quickly grow into a very lucrative business.

Personally the reason I went into real estate investing full time was because I wanted to stay home and raise my three small children, while earning an income, which was better than any corporate job I could ever have.

There are women all over the country who would like to become real estate investors, but many don’t know how to start: lack of knowledge, which in turn creates lack of confidence and fear of losing money. Women are usually more afraid of men in losing money and making the right decisions. Where should women who want to get started investing in real estate begin?

The internet is a good place for real estate investors to turn to. There is a lot of information on the internet via YouTube videos, blogs and forums that provide a good idea of what strategies to pursue. Also attending real estate investing club meetings (REIA) and networking events are good ways to meet and talk with like minded people.

Also picking up books on real estate investing at the public library or the bookstore are good places to learn more about the business without spending much money.

All this knowledge should provide enough confidence to go out there and ‘just do it.” Real estate investing is a business that you get better at by ‘learning as you are making money,’ which is the best way to go for anyone who wants to break out of the regular working pool.

Eventually if you feel you need help, someone who can guide you who has already made it into the business, hiring a mentor would be the best option. There are very few women who are real estate investing mentors: this is still a male dominated specialty.

I have been mentoring want-to-be-investors (men and women equally,) since 1997. A lot of women come to me for guidance in real estate investing because they feel more comfortable working with a woman, who might understand their unique situation.

I have developed a new website dedicated to real estate investing for women. This site is geared to women who want to start their own home based business, either real estate related or not. Please visit realestateinvestingwomen.com