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Real Estate Auctions on eBay

Real Estate Auctions on eBay: Using eBay to buy & sell real estate for investment purposes.

Real Estate Auctions on eBay: Most people don’t think about real estate auctions on eBay. It can be a profitable niche, for real estate investors to pursue!

We all know the great exposure to visitors and members of this auction site and we can use this exposure for real estate as well, not only for direct auction offers, but also for indirect referrals and networking possibilities. Advertising on eBay makes the property available to markets all around the world, with possibility of attracting wealthy overseas investors. Visitors can browse through the property details 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You can browse the different real estate categories by logging into http://realestate.shop.ebay.com/.

eBay has a real estate fixed price ad section in addition to the typical auction format. There are in all three selling formats: auction, fixed price selling, and the traditional real estate listing. Also check out “eBay Classifieds” for local listings as well as the regular eBay site for listings worldwide.

Even if you don’t have actual bids on the site for your auctions, you can still attract a great deal of traffic and interest in your listings. If anything else, it is a great source for building a buyers’ list, finding motivated sellers and networking with agents and other real estate professionals.

Selling on eBay – Photos speak louder than words, especially on eBay. Also make sure you have an appraisal or BPO available, inspection reports and seller disclosures for prospective buyers.

Buying on eBay – You can browse properties at a click of a button, see photos, get facts and information about different areas and network with agents and sellers in remote locations. If you find an agent using eBay as a real estate selling tool, you know right away that this agent is clever and thinking outside the box (by using eBay as a site for his/her listings) and definitely worth communicating with and see if he/she would like to be you representative for that specific area, in case you are considering virtual investing (read my Post about Virtual Investing if you need to know more about it.)

So next time you are browsing the internet for properties listings or want to get greater exposure for your property for sale, especially if it is commercial, check eBay out and you might be surprised about the connections you will be able to make and open up new possibilities.

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