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Online Real Estate – Investing, Research and Training

Online real estate is definitely the “new” way of doing business. Either you are looking for training, or creating a virtual investing platform (where all your business can be run remotely via a computer,) or for up to date training, the trend to online real estate as a creative and time-saving way of expanding your real estate investing career cannot be ignored.

Online Real Estate:

What are the definition and uses of running the business through online real estate tools?

Investing – one of the dilemmas I hear a lot from my students or want-to-be investors is how can I establish a real estate business online. The reasons vary from wanting a virtual wholesaling business to limited time available, while maintaining a full time job. The appeal to online real estate investing is gaining ground and with all the tools and information available out there, which promote online ways of conducting business, real estate has also fallen into this increasing trend.

How can you run an online real estate investing business? Just as an example, let’s say that you are good at locating properties across the country via computer, and you then put these properties under contract and assign these contracts to local wholesalers (in exchange for an assignment fee.) This strategy alone can become very lucrative while leveraging the online real estate resources, which bring to another important point:

Research – nowadays you can perform all kind of online real estate research: classified ads, MLS (Multiple Listing Service) listings and ‘For Sale by Owner’ sites, public information data bases, like foreclosures, probates, and legal notices, are increasignly being available online. If you enjoy research and scouting for properties via a computer, the internet is definitely opening up more opportunities to this way of doing business and new websites and tools are becoming available all the time at little to no cost for performing online real estate research. For example, let’s say that you are looking for public notices of foreclosures or probate in your county: just type in Google your “county name” plus “legal paper” or “legal notices” and you will find how to access this information online. A good website to find out where to locate public notices and property data online is NETROnline. 

Training – real estate is probably one of those topics that is more discussed than any other topic online. You can find online real estate training via YouTube videos and webinars, for example. If you want to explore an investing topic that you might have an interest in, before diving into it, you can explore online real estate training resources.

You can also find online real estate training courses for obtaining a real estate license, becoming a real estate appraisar, or for continuing education. You can study at your own pace and then take the state exams when ready.

For online real estate training on a varietylaura al-amery real estate webinars of topics, check out my YouTube Channel and Webinars.