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Multiple Streams of Real Estate Income

Multiple Streams of Real Estate Income: How to diversify your real estate investing income.

Multiple Streams of Real Estate Income: Real estate investing is a business with infinite possibilities. Investors that have survived in this field will attest that “thinking outside the box” and doing things differently and better than anyone else is what have helped them survive recessions and economic fluctuations.

“Multiple streams of real estate income” – that means anyone can generate income from real estate without buying or flipping properties. Furthermore it also empowers investors with a way to learn about the business and practice what they have learned.

This is only a sample list of multiple streams of real estate income:

1.Bird Dogging – also known as scouting or locating properties for investors.

2.Virtual Assistant – helping investors or real estate agents, while learning the business.

3.Credit Repair – if you have an interest in the financial field, this is a great way to learn more about what affects credit and lending requirements.

4.Round Robin Consultant – marketing consultant with a special knowledge in round robin open house and auction techniques to sell a house in less than a week.

5.Sandwich Lease – if a property is undervalued on the rental rates, you can take it over for the lower rent and (with the owner’s permission to sublease) create a sandwich lease and instant income.

6.Assignment of Contract – works like bird dogging, but you actually write a contract on the property and assign it to an investor for a fee.

7.Property Management – in most jurisdictions, you can manage for an investor without a license, as long as you work exclusively for just one person.

8.Syndication – consult and gather private funds for real estate projects.

9.Generate mortgage notes – you can generate notes on property you don’t own, as long as you flip the contract or wholesale it.

You don’t need any of your money or credit to succeed from any of these strategies, it just takes motivation and a will to get into the real estate game. Once you have opened the door, many other opportunities and new ways of doing business will come your way.

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