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Miami Real Estate Investing Expo 2016

Miami Real Estate Investing Expo targeting real estate Miami Real Estate Investing Expoinvestors, agents and Miami Real Estate professionals will be happening at the Holiday Inn Miami Beach Oceanfront on February 20, 2016.

Real estate investors and experts will gather for a full day event of education, training, networking and business development.

The concept and idea is by Realty411 Magazine, a nationwide real estate magazine focused on real estate investing and marketing, and Laura Al-Amery, nationwide mentor, investor and speaker, residing in South Florida.

Your Net Worth is Equal to Your Network

We are hosting this event to help increase your contacts and to further your potential in this industry as a real estate investor,

Would like to find out where is the 2016 real estate market going? What lessons have the “experts” learned? Don’t miss this conference.

Miami Real Estate Investing Expo 2016 will feature:

All day training on a variety of topics: Commercial & Residential Real Estate, Private Lending, Raising Capital, Networking Tips to Grow Your Influence, Strategies to Increase ROI, How to Gain Perspectives on TOP Local & National HOT Markets, Fix & Flips, Buy and Hold, Wholesaling, Notes and more.

Nationwide speakers on today’s hot real estate topics, to include top names like Todd Dotson, Sensei Gilliland, Rebecca Rice, Jim Beam, Gene Guarino, Chris Bowser, Kevin Rollings, Manny Singh, Jaitegh Singh, of course, Laura Al-Amery, and many more.

Vendors of real estate services, including Auction.com, title companies and hard money lenders.

Classes, workshops and cutting edge information all in one place – attend as many classes as you want at no cost!

The Audience

Attendees at the Miami Real Estate Investing Expo will range from beginner to experienced real estate investors, real estate agents and professionals.

Since a lot of nationwide speakers are going to be present at the event, the audience attending has expended all the way from Florida, to Texas and California!

The Concept

The Miami Real Estate Investing Expo is going to be a high quality event, delivering training content to the attendees while presenting services and businesses, which can be of aid to real estate investors.

Some of the classes topics are:

How to Flip Real Estate
Commercial Real Estate Investing
Assisted Living Facilities
How to Find, Fund and Flip Notes
Hard Money Made Easy
Making Money with Discounted Multi-Family Properties
Breakthrough Mindset
Rapid REI Riches – A Step by Step Approach to Real Estate Investing
Real Estate Syndication – the Easy Way to Private Money
… and more.

The Opportunity

The Miami Real Estate Investing Expo will be the best real estate investor networking opportunity in Miami for 2016.

The focus on high quality educational content delivered by respected nationwide leaders in the industry will create the perfect environment for vendors to display their services to very ready and motivated attendees.

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Miami Real Estate Investing Expo