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How to Invest in Real Estate with Limited Capital

Investing in real estate, whether that involves purchasing your first home or flipping an older house, can be a great way to make money and secure assets for your future. For those looking to enter the real estate market, a limited budget can feel like a barrier to entry. There are many ways, though, that savvy real estate investors can stretch and ultimately grow their capital.

Finding a qualified real estate mentor

Perhaps the best way to invest on a budget is to realize that you do not have to do it on your own. While using the services of a real estate mentor might involve an up-front cost, their expertise ultimately gives you a high return-on-investment. Real estate mentors can help you to maximize the capital you have, give you a sense of the real estate landscape, and provide continued real estate investment education opportunities.

Consider wholesaling real estate

Wholesaling real estate is a way to get involved in real estate markets without needing to purchase a property. As a wholesaler, you can have a tight budget and still manage to make a profit quickly because you make the difference between your contracted price with a seller and the buying price of the house. Virtual wholesaling is also a great option for those on a budget because it takes minimal start-up costs to have access to real estate in any market. Since wholesaling and virtual wholesaling can be complicated, the first tip about finding a qualified real estate mentor still stands.

Buy a home for yourself

It seems counter-intuitive to tell someone on a budget to buy a house, but it makes sense to own an investment rather than pay someone else’s mortgage. If you are someone who currently pays rent and has access to good loan options, then it could be smarter to buy your own property and take on a mortgage instead of leasing. If you have any home improvement skills, this is an added bonus because you can “flip” your own house and increase its value. Have a real estate expert help you as you find options with either low or no down payment required.

Find a real estate investment partner

Even if you do not individually have enough room in the budget to invest in real estate, finding a partner could be a viable option. Think about the skills that you could offer a partnership, such as handyman experience or financial management expertise, and you might find a partner who has more freely available capital to invest. As with any real estate investment strategy, getting involved in a partnership comes with associated risk: make sure you and your partner have a trusting and transparent relationship before diving into any serious real estate ventures.

If you start with strong real estate investment strategies, limited capital should not be an insurmountable obstacle when it comes to entering the real estate market. To ensure that you are setting yourself up for success, contact a real estate mentor today.