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Find Motivated Sellers

Find Motivated Sellers: The 20 Best Ways To Find Motivated Sellers Of Real Estate.

Finding Motivated Sellers: This is a major dilemma facing any real estate investor looking to maintain or expand their inventory.

There are a variety of ways to find motivated sellers. Real estate investors need to concentrate their efforts on only a few of these techniques to find motivated sellers. That will keep their “pipeline” full, especially in the current economic climate, when there are so many motivated sellers!

1. Classified Ads in Newspapers – local paper, Pennysavers and local real estate publications (“For Sale by Owner”.)

2. Classified Ads online – Craigslist and Backpage.

3. Search Classified Ads online and offline – look for houses for sale with “Motivated Seller” or “Must Sell” in their ads.

3. Vacant Homes – drive for dollars. Look for abandoned or vacant homes and locate the owners via Recorder of Deeds office.

4. MLS Search – expired listings, short sales possible, fixer uppers – these are all terms to search for.

5. BirdDog – these are individuals that will look for houses for a flat finder’s fee.

6. For Rent Signs – especially if there are vacancies or are out of town owners, they will be motivated sellers.

7. Wholesalers – partner with them to locate properties and sell them to investors. They know where to look.

8. Preforeclosures – “Notice of Foreclosure” is published on the legal paper.

9. Divorce Filings – look in legal paper for divorce filings.

10. Probate Filings – look in legal paper and probate court.

11. Tax Sales – contact the City and County for tax auction dates.

12. Private Auctions – check online and local auctioneers for listings.

13. Foreclosure Auctions – check City and County for times and dates.

14. REO (Real Estate Owned by banks) – contact banks and MLS for listings.

15. HUD (Government Owned Properties) – check the site HUD.GOV for listings.

16. Networking – network with professionals (CPAs, Attorneys) and rehabbers/landscapers for referrals.

17. Bandit Signs – post bandit signs in strategic locations: intersections, Home Depot, vacant properties.

18. Business Cards, Flyers, Magnetic Car Signs – let everyone know what you are doing and looking for.

19. Website – a website targeting distressed/motivated sellers. Offer a Free Report like on techniques to avoid foreclosure and have the site optimized for your local market.

20. You the Investor – always have a positive and outgoing attitude, ready to meet people and network.

If you are interested in learning more about:

  • building and qualifying a buyers’ list;

  • locating motivated sellers;

  • developing a fast action plan

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