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Bird Dogging Real Estate

Bird Dogging Real Estate: Make money while learning about Real Estate Investing.

Bird Dogging Real Estate: If you are one of those investors that have always wanted to get in real estate, but you have had hard time overcoming some of these thoughts:

  • “I’d like to get involved in real estate investing but I am concerned of the risk” or
  • “It takes money to invest in real estate and I don’t have any to spare” or
  • “I don’t have any idea how to go about investing in real estate”

BirdDogging might be the answer to get you in real estate, learning about the business, making money right away, and see for yourself if it is a business you would like to pursue further.

The concept behind birddogging is that you use your expertise to locate well priced real estate properties, that are for sale from motivated sellers and bring them to the attention of investors, wholesalers and rehabbers.

There are 3 levels of Birddogs:
1.Property Locator – scouting for properties and relay the information (address and seller’s name) to the investor;
2.Property Locator and Analyzer – same as above, but with the added factor that the birddog also analyzes the deal for the investor;
3.Property Locator, Analyzer and Assignor – this puts the birddog one step closer to being a wholesaler. Not only he/she locates and performs analysis on the property, but also writes a contract and assigns it to the investor/end buyer

Of course as the birddog moves up the levels, so does the compensation. From $1,000 of level 1 to $5,000 or more in level 3.

What are the added benefits by becoming a birddog?

  • You need no money, no credit and limited risk (especially at level 1)
  • You have the opportunity to work in the market of real estate investing and learn from someone who is already doing it successfully.
  • You have the opportunity of making extra money in your spare time and seeing if real estate if a business for you.

What are some important facts to be aware of before becoming a birddog?

  • You need to understand how to locate properties, what investors are looking for and how to perform basic analysis.
  • How to locate investors.
  • How to protect your efforts by presenting proper documentation, disclosures and how much to get paid per deal, depending on the deal and the amount of work involved.

Birddogging can be a very lucrative real estate strategy in itself. It is not uncommon to make several thousand dollars a month in fees, while learning the business and keeping another steady job.

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