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Build Your Buyers List

50 Ways To Build Your Buyers List For Real Estate Wholesaling

Build Your Buyers List: I shared a few weeks ago the best ways to find and qualify buyers. See the post on How Can I Build a Responsive Buyers List?

This post will give you the best techniques that I have personally used to collect and qualify a responsive buyers’ list. Once you have names on your list, you still need to qualify them and weed out the active buyers from the non-active.

If you are more ambitious and really need an infusion of buyers fast, you can look at the list below of 50 ways to find buyers: budget and time are your only limits, although many of these techniques are free or very low cost.

First you need to build a one page website (opt in landing page,) which invites leads to sign up and get a free report in exchange for their email address and name. Broadcast the landing page URL everywhere to get leads to visit and sign up.

1. Newspaper Ads
2. Craigslist/Online Advertising
3. FSBO Magazines
4. Business Cards
5. Bandit Signs
6. Door Hangers
7. Billboards
8. Handouts
9. Flyers
10. Real Estate Agents
11. Expired MLS Listings
12. Open Houses
13. Title Companies
14. Accountants
15. Attorneys
16. Mortgage Brokers
17. Property Management Companies
18. Financial Planners
19. Wholesalers
20. Home Inspectors
21. Appraisers
22. Hard Money Lenders
23. Private Money Lenders
24. Developers
25. Contractors/Handymen
26. Rent-to-Own Stores
27. Referrals
28. Your Existing Tenants
29. Postcards
30. Promotional Materials/Calendars/Note Pads/Magnets
31. Grocery Store/Wal-mart/Coffee Shops bulletin boards
32. Benches
33. Bus Stop
34. Adopt a Street Sign
35. Laundromats
36. Car Washes
37. Mail Center
38. TV Ads/Commercial
39. Radio Ads
40. T-Shirts/Hats
41. Community Business Organizations
42. Chamber of Commerce
43. Sponsor Sports Team
44. Sponsor an Event
45. Charitable events
46. Host a Charitable Function
47. Local Churches
48. Weekly Hotels
49. Magnetic Vehicle Signs
50. Real Estate Auctions

If you are interested in learning more about:

  • building and qualifying a buyers’ list;

  • locating motivated sellers;

  • developing a fast action plan

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