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3 Real Estate Resolutions For Chicago Investors

For real estate investors, the promise of a new year is about so much more than semantics.

Jan. 1 doesn’t just represent a time to start over, get healthy, or eat fewer donuts — in the world of real estate investing, a new calendar year gives you the chance to take advantage of seasonal real estate cycles, tax breaks, and tremendous investment opportunity.

There’s no better time than January to commit to starting or growing your real estate portfolio in Chicago. If you’re looking for some structure to your real estate goals, consider these three real estate resolutions to make this year.

1. Expand Your Network By At Least 3 Individuals

Whether you opt for LinkedIn Premium, reconnecting with people with whom you haven’t spoken in some time, or attending real estate networking events, expanding your network is crucial to real estate success.

In the world of real estate, one business card handed to you years ago might become the difference between a successful investment opportunity and a flop. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t spoken to people in months — a simple email reconnecting and re-introducing yourself can help you to establish meaningful partnerships. Even if they don’t respond, you don’t have much to lose.

If you’re just starting in the world of real estate investing, make sure to have business cards and to attend local Chicago real estate networking events. When you meet people, be sure to follow up within a week to keep the connection fresh.

You can also use LinkedIn or similar professional networking sites if you live remotely but still want to pursue Chicago real estate opportunities.

2. Try A New Real Estate Investment Strategy

If you’ve previously centered you real estate deals on fix-and-flip properties, it might be time to try something new. Consider purchasing a rental that you can keep as a constant source of income. Or, commit to exploring the lucrative world of other people’s money.

Try a strategy you know to be effective, and seek guidance from a real estate investing coach in Chicago if you feel overwhelmed by the prospect.

3. Attend A Live Real Estate Event In Chicago

At the end of the day, there’s no better way to develop strong real estate investment practices than to seek the expertise of a real estate investing coach.

Laura Alamery is the Top Rated National® real estate investing coach, and she’s coming to the Chicago area this year. When you attend a live event with her, you’ll receive actionable strategies you can take with you, including:

  • A 2019 Action Plan
  • Property Location Techniques
  • Business Automation and Virtual Real Estate Investing Tips
  • Top 3 Real Estate Investing Strategies

Laura Alamery in Chicago

Join Laura for her next real estate investing event in Chicago. There are usually only 30 seats available for these popular events, so be sure to register online to secure your seat today!

Make 2019 the year you tap into your potential — and into the thriving Chicago real estate market.