Architects are experts that are capable of providing assistance when renovating your home or building a new one. Let’s see how residential architects are able to help you.

Analyze your wants and needs:

When we think of creating a new space in our home, what we have is an abstract idea of the space. You will know your need, you may say “I need a quiet place to work”, or “I need a space that I can use for dining when I have guests over and for kids to play at other times.” A residential architect will turn your ideas from abstract to concrete, pun intended. You and your spouse may have different ideas for the space, a residential architect will give your ideas a common shape. They will consult you on what is possible and what are your realistic options.

Visualize the Design:

Architects specialize in creating detailed models of your project. This is a way for you to envision what your space would look like after it is finished. Traditional construction drawings are two-dimensional, for regular people they can be difficult to visualize. Your residential architects can create a detailed 3D model. Modern modelling software makes it possible for you to virtually experience your project before construction commences.

Extend or Convert:

Extensions are your best option if you add more living space to your home. You can design your extension to best suit your needs. For this reason, home extensions have become increasingly popular in the United Kingdom in recent years. Extensions, on the other hand, can make or break your home’s exterior and interior beauty. How well you design your extension will determine the overall appearance and experience of your home. Residential architects can assist you in extending your home in a way that complements the main structure and does not look like a distasteful overgrowth.

Residential architects can also help you be more creative with your design. In recent years, we have seen extensions and garage conversions, that use less conventional materials like glass, timber, colourful metalwork and unique designs that not only add space to your home but also some style and character.