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Virtual Real Estate Investing System: The Newest Virtual Process to Finding Sellers’ Leads

Remote working and social distancing have been influencing the way we do business in general over this last year. Real estate investing has also been taking notice of this new way of doing business. Investors, who understand that the future for real estate is going to look much different than what we are accustomed to, are positioning themselves to take advantage of this trend and exponentially grow their business and their potential reach into new markets.


Virtual real estate investing does not have to be long distance investing. It can be at a local level as well. The concept is more about not having to be physically present to inspect or view a property, and being able to conduct real estate transactions from a phone or a computer, without human interaction or being on location. The sale or purchase of a home is one of the biggest financial and emotional investments you will make. Our commitment is to provide a high level of service every step of the way, to ensure a successful and stress free experience. With over 30 years of combined industry experience and knowledge, find out why the Nancy Wright Team is the best choice for all your real estate needs.


Therefore developing a “virtual real estate investing system” is crucial to remote investing. Besides tools and applications to run the business itself, the question remains on the best way to find sellers’ leads remotely.


Virtual Real Estate Investing System


Virtual Real Estate Investing System


The system is based on 3 crucial components:

  1. Choosing the right area depending on your primary real estate strategy of choice (wholesaling, fix and flip or buy and hold;)
  2. Finding the sellers’ leads virtually;
  3. Connecting with the right tools and “boots on the ground” to inspect and market the properties.

In this article we are going to focus on #2 – Finding the sellers’ leads virtually


There are 3 main ways to locate sellers’ leads virtually:

  • Online platforms – platforms like Propstream are the easy way to create lists by target markets and criteria. We use Propstream to look for absentee owners, high equity and vacant homes. 
  • Public databases – preforeclosures, probates, tax delinquent properties and more can be accessed online. The best data is the one you get directly from the appropriate government’s office that publishes the data.
  • Online ads – Google and Facebook ads have surprisingly and increasingly become good sources of sellers’ leads. The copy of the ad and a fast follow up system are crucial to the success of using this strategy for leads.


A successful virtual real estate investing system is able to automate the lead generation phase (sellers and buyers,) the marketing that goes into the lead generation, the follow up process and the transaction management process.


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