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real estate investing podcasts

The 5 Best Real Estate Investing Podcasts

Real estate investing podcasts offer a quick insight into different real estate strategies, clever tips and experiences of other real estate investors. The fact that you can listen to them while you drive or go for a walk, make them a great option for multi-tasking an already busy life.

There are new podcasts being broadcasted all the time, but there are a few that I feel deserve special mention and have a reputation for reliable up to date information.



BiggerPockets is a very well known resource in the real estate investing community for information, with an active forum, blog articles, and published books about real estate investing. I have been part of Bigger Pockets for a long time and I am a regular contributor to their platform.

With that said, they also host a great podcast, which offers practical knowledge through interviews with real estate investors from different backgrounds and experiences, who “walk the talk” of real estate investing.

Listen to BiggerPockets Podcast


Business Unusual Podcast with Barbara Corcoran

You might know Barbara Corcoran as one of the “sharks” from Shark Tank. From creating a very successful real estate brokerage company in New York City to becoming a serial entrepreneur, she has a vast experience in real estate but also a lot of business savvy.

I love her attitude and understanding of what it takes to start a business from nothing. She has some of the best notable quotes, like “I don’t care how talented someone is, but I care very much how persistent they are.”

Listen to Business Unusual


The Remote Real Estate Investor

This is the first podcast I have come across which targets an up and coming way of real estate investing, which is remote investing, where investors pursue their real estate investing strategy of choice long distance.

2020 was a pivotal year for the business world – remote working and the necessity of social distancing have prompted investors to think differently and find new ways to get into real estate investing.

Listen to The Remote Real Estate Investor


real estate investing podcasts


The Real Wealth Show Podcast

This podcast has been around for a very long time and it provides a lot of great valuable information, especially as it comes to building a long term wealth (rentals) portfolio.

The hosts interviews knowledgeable speakers on a variety of topics on how to invest in rentals with creative financing, self-directed IRAs and 401ks and syndication.

It is great information even for the new investor who is looking to get into buy and hold, but she is not sure how to get started and find funding.

Listen to The Real Wealth Show Podcast


Conquer Real Estate Investing Podcast

This is our own podcast, where I share my own experience and how I leveraged different real estate investing strategies during my career spanning over 30 years.

From wholesaling, to fix and flip, buy and hold and raising private money.

We also interview other investors, past students who have been successful and professionals in the industry, who share what they do, how they got started and their advice.

Lots of great advice, real life strategies and experiences from investors who “walk the talk.”

Listen to the Conquer Real Estate Investing Podcast


How to Use Podcast for the Best Learning Experience:

  • Write down any takeaways from a podcast. If I can’t write down because I am driving, I pause the podcast and record a voice memo. I keep a notebook with all the takeaways and review from time to time to spark ideas.
  • Listen to podcasts while you are driving, working out, going for a walk or cooking dinner. But actively listen. Don’t just let a podcast become background noise.
  • Create a library and bookmark favorite podcasts. I also like to listen to audio books. Most libraries have free audio book resources and/or you can also get them on Amazon Audible