Our personal experience with these sponsors is that they stand out head and shoulders above the competition. They are good neighbors and support their communities by contributing to their economic development.

Meet our St.Louis Sponsors:

“We Insure Rental Property”

If you are an investor who wants to BUY and HOLD, contact me today for competitive rental property insurance premiums! I specialize in 1-4 unit multi-family dwellings as well as single family homes. Structures are inspected by our team, and with your permission I would also be happy to contact your tenant about available renters’ insurance options. When their belongings are protected, experience tells us tenants are more likely to be conscientious about the manner in which they care for your property.

Shelter Insurance is licensed in Missouri and Illinois, and additionally provides commercial rental insurance. “As a local Shelter agent with over 16 years in the business, I take pride in helping customers find the right coverage at the right price. Give me a call at 314-961-3478 I would be happy to assist you!” Bill Newhouse

“We turn Landlords into Investors!”

Dunamis (Ancient Greek: δύναμις) (dúnamis); noun; might, power, marvelous works

We are a Missouri based real estate investment company specializing in the management of residential rental properties – single family homes and 1-4 unit multi-family dwellings – in the St. Louis and Missouri area. Our company’s mission is to provide best in class service to residents and owners by taking an innovative and entrepreneurial approach to management.Dunamis Property Management is a reputed company, well-known for catering to our clients’ requirements.

Several options are offered to landlords, which include property management, full service leasing, management-only service and lease-only service. “We have the experience and resources to turn your properties into great investments.” Edward O’Daniel

“We are Eco-Pet-and-Kid Friendly!”

When you need FAST and PROFESSIONAL service in St. Louis (and its surrounding areas) we hope you will reach out to 2NiceGuys Termite & Pest Control at 636-464-1411 and give us the privilege of handling the job!

Our family-owned and operated business has been part of this community for over 30 YEARS. We are certified, fully licensed and insured, and we know how to stop bugs at their source! We care about our customers, and we think great REPUTATIONS DO MATTER. The importance of your health and the environment we will pass on to future generations is considered in everything we do.

We are experts at extermination and preventative pest control for Commercial, Residential and Industrial properties. From pre-construction termite treatments to bed bug removal; from bird and wild animal control to household pest extermination – WE HAVE A SOLUTION for you!

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