Welcome to Laura Alamery’s Premium Group Coaching Program!

Get your Group Premium Coaching Program when you PURCHASE ONE of the courses on this page. Here are a few more details:
  • Resources Library: Contracts, Forms, Marketing Material, Resources, Templates & More!
  • Funding Resources: Hard Money, Private Lenders, Proof of Funds Letters, Specialty Funding
  • Group Coaching  Support: Ask Questions, Exchange Ideas, Create Business Ventures with other Members
  • LIVE 3 Group Coaching Calls per Month with Laura

Select and purchase your choice of Real Estate Investing Strategies below, and receive group Premium Coaching:

Take It To The Next Level

Looking to create passive income and long term wealth with real estate investing? Take It To The Next Level will show you how to build a portfolio of cash flow properties starting TODAY!

This course contains…

  • 4 Training Video Modules, 3-Wk Action Plan
  • Bonus Resources
  • Slide Notes for All Tutorials
  • Downloadable Contracts and Forms
  • Plus 6 Months of Group Coaching

Rapid REI Riches

Wholesaling, Fix & Flip and Buy & Hold.Learn all 3 strategies and how to build your ideal real estate business by leveragingthe best strategy for each deal.

This course contains…

  • 6 Training Video Modules
  • Bonus Lessons Included
  • Slide Notes for All Tutorials
  • Downloadable Contracts and Forms
This Program has “Special” Additional Group Training and Resources: 12 Months of Group Coaching, including Mastermind, Accountability, Strategy Calls with Laura and more!

Fast Track Wholesaling

Discover how real estate wholesaling can become your own personal ATM machine, with our profitable, low cost, step-by-step system – that WORKS!

This course contains…

  • 4 Training Video Modules
  • Plus Hands-On Instruction
  • Slide Notes for All Tutorials
  • Library of Tutorials on Marketing
  • Downloadable Contracts, Forms & Scripts
  • Plus 6 Months of Group Coaching

Private Money Made Easy

Learn how to find all the private money you need and form joint venture partnerships … without complicated processes or paperwork.

This course contains…

  • 4 Easy Training Video Modules
  • Step-by-Step Action Plan
  • Slide Notes for All Tutorials
  • Downloadable All Needed Contracts
  • Marketing Material to Get Lenders Onboard
  • Plus 6 Months of Group Coaching

Coaching Student Testimonial

student REI“Dear Laura, Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. In May 2016 I was invited to a Meetup where you were giving a Seminar, and I didn’t sign because at that moment I was completely broke; two months late in my car payment and one month late in my rent.When I arrived at my house, I visited your web page and found you have a course broken into six-monthly payments. I had only $400 in my bank account and made a decision that I’m not recommending anybody to do, but I followed my intuition.

student testimonial

I said to myself, $400 is not enough to cover my debts, but $200 dollars invested in this course may change my life. So, I purchased the Rapid REI Riches. Two weeks later I signed a deal with another of your students and did a wholesale deal for a little more than $10,000 profit. It took me a little more than a month to close because the buyer needed financing, but we finally closed.

I paid all my debts and am working on my next deal. Thanks a lot, Laura, for sharing with me that valuable knowledge. You really saved my life.”