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Securing your first $10,000 deal  might seem like an impossible task

Hi there! I’m very excited that you’re interested in our next live real estate coaching event in Miami. Securing your first $10,000 deal — or repeating the success of an earlier real estate transaction — might seem like an impossible task. Between your full-time job and commitments to family and friends, it can seem hard to find a real estate deal let alone close on it.


The good news is that effective real estate coaching can lessen the barriers to entry you’re feeling. While I don’t have any live real estate events scheduled in Miami yet, I plan events in Miami frequently that tend to sell out. To ensure you have a spot at my next real estate investment event, fill out our contact form below. You’ll be the first to hear about any of our real estate investment events in Miami.


Attendees of my events take away relevant information that makes every kind of real estate deal possible. My coaching is direct, market-specific, and applicable, and our ultimate goal is always to help you build or grow a real estate portfolio. We look forward to seeing you soon at a real estate investing event in Miami!


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I look forward to seeing you there!