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Co-Wholesaling: The 7 Step System to Fast Wholesaling

Wholesaling is an easy and quick way to break into real estate investing, and co-wholesaling offers a way to make the path even easier. Even for experienced real estate investors, wholesaling offers a way to make money fast. However, when you are starting your real estate investing business, working with others can help grow your […]


wholesale real estate

Understanding Wholesale Real Estate and How to Get Started

Real Estate investing offers different kinds of investment opportunities. One fun and exciting real estate investing method is wholesaling or wholesale real estate. I like to refer to real estate wholesaling as my own personal ATM. This is because wholesaling is a faster way to make money than some other real estate investing methods. However, […]


multifamily properties

How to Become Financially Independent with Multi-Family Units

Grow wealth and gain community goodwill by investing in multifamily properties. If you’re seeking a financial investment to build wealth, real estate continues to be a solid investment. Multifamily properties grow wealth more quickly than single-family homes, and with the current affordable housing shortage, rental properties are in high demand. Two of the largest generations […]


Getting started with real estate investing

Getting Started with Real Estate Investing

Too often after being in real estate for a while, we forget the basic principles of real estate investing and we take for granted certain knowledge and tips of the business. It is useful to go back and remember some important ground rules and especially for new investors, these rules can help jumpstart a lucrative […]


Why Real Estate Investors Fail

Why Real Estate Investors Fail? The Five Top Reasons!

  Why Do Real Estate Investors Fail? Investing in real estate is one of the best methods for making money and accumulating wealth. It is a fairly easy business to get into, and you can start with no to very little money. The main thing to invest is time, since you can start with really […]