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Reasons to Hire a Real Estate Investing Coach

If you enter any real estate investment search term into Google, you get hundreds of resources with information and strategies. If you’re wondering, “what is hard money?” then Google has the answer. If you want to know “how to wholesale real estate,” the search engine provides you with step-by-step instructions. It follows, then, that real […]



The Advantages of Transactional Funding

As we outlined in our initial blog post on the topic of transactional funding, this real estate financing strategy involves short-term, hard-money lending. A wholesaler can purchase a property without using any of their individual funds, assuming there is an end-buyer lined up to purchase the property within two-to-five days. Outline of Transactional Funding An […]


hard money definition

Hard Money Definition: What it is, and what it’s good for!

You’ll notice across the web that all ‘hard money definitions’ have some variables; but knowing the whys and wherefores are key to using this kind of loan wisely. The following article provides real estate investing tips on hard money loans. What’s Good for the Goose… For a real estate investor, hard money loans will be secured by […]