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Looking to create passive income and long term wealth with real estate investing? Take It To The Next Level will show you how to build a portfolio of cash flow properties starting TODAY! SPECIAL OFFER: With this special offer course you will also receive my Lease Options & Subject To’s course for free. And if you sign up using the Pay In Full payment option you will also receive my Notes Investing Course FREE.

This course contains…

  • FREE: 2 BONUS COURSES (terms apply)
  • 4 Training Video Modules, 3-Wk Action Plan
  • Additional Bonus Resources
  • Slide Notes for All Tutorials
  • Weekly Accountability with Laura
  • Downloadable Contracts and Forms

Price: $597

Payment Plan Available: 6 monthly payments of $127

$127.00 / month for 6 months Payment Plan
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Course Description


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  • How to Build a Portfolio of Passive Income Properties Starting Today
  • How to Create Notes on Properties you Don’t Even Own and Collect Residual Income
  • Joint Ventures – How to Purchase No Money Down Commercial Buildings and Apartments
  • How to Create Long Term Wealth for You and Your Family
  • How to Automate the Process
  • Where to Find the Funding – We have Lenders Waiting for Deals
  • A Step-by-Step Foolproof System


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Included with this course are:

  • 4 Video Training Modules
  • 2 FREE Courses (see bonus courses tab)
  • Additional Bonus Resources
  • Slide Notes for All Tutorials
  • Weekly Accountability with Laura
  • Downloadable Contracts and Forms

Module 1 – Operations

  • The Whole Process and System Behind It
  • Choosing the Right Strategy – Why and When
  • 20 Ways to Find Motivated (not Distressed) Sellers
  • What to Look For and How to Structure the Best Deals
  • How to Analyze Deals for Each Scenario
  • Evaluating Profitability

Module 2 – Techniques

  • The Psychology of Effective Negotiating
  • Shortcuts to Success (the 4 Keys)
  • How to Get Leads Brought To You Consistently
  • Exit Strategies – How To Find Tenant/Buyers, Retail Buyers and Landlords

Module 3 – Joint Ventures & Money Partners

  • How to Locate Money Partners
  • Making It a Win-Win Proposal
  • Legal Funding Organization & Disclosures: the “Easy” Setup

Module 4 – Generating Notes

  • How the Process Works
  • How to Cash In on Notes Immediately
  • Putting It All Together – Strategies, Real Life Examples
  • Laura’s Wholesaling Cheat Sheet – Foolproof System
  • Your Personalized 3 Week Action Plan

All the contracts, negotiation scripts, advertising scripts, exclusive resources for marketing luxury homes, and more!


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  • 6 Months of Premium Coaching (Value $900)
    • 2 Monthly One on One Coaching Consultations (Addon Bonus Value $1,800)
    • Unlimited eMail Support
    • Monthly Teleconference Group Calls
    • Forum Group
  • Funding Partners (Priceless)
    • 100% Funding up to 360 Days (Extended Transactional)
    • 60-80% After Repair Value and up to 2 Years (Hard Money)
    • No Credit or Income Verification
    • Resources Website (Value $597)
    • Real Estate Forms
    • Advertising Scripts
    • Real Estate Financing (Financing Placement)
    • Unlimited Proof of Funds Letters & Optional Bank Statements (“Hard” Proof of Funds)
  • Real Estate Calculators and Spreadsheet
    • Real Estate Professionals
    • Real Estate Dictionary
    • Real Estate Marketing Ideas
    • Investment Clubs Directories
    • Website Templates
    • Grants Directory
    • REO Problem Banks Directory


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  • LEASE OPTIONS & SUBJECT TO’S – The Complete Course (Reg. Price $197)
    • Module 1
      • Business Organization for Lease Option & Subject To
      • How Lease Options and Subject-To Work
    • Module 2
      • Finding Motivated Sellers for Lease Options & Subject-Tos
      • Choosing the Right Strategy – Lease Option or Subject To
      • Evaluating Profitability
      • Negotiating the Deal
      • Preparing the Right Paperwork
    • Module 3
      • How to Get Leads Brought to You Consistently
      • What to Do with these Leads
    • Module 4
      • Finding and Qualifying the Right Tenants & Buyers
      • Making Money Upfront from Tenants & Buyers
      • Preparing the Right Paperwork for the Tenants & Buyers
      • How to Manage the Property until Final Closing
      • Final Closing
    • Module 5
      • Tips & Strategies for More Profits
      • Step-by-step Action Plan
  • NOTES INVESTING – The Complete Course (Reg. Price $597):

FREE when signing up using the Pay In Full payment option.

  • Module 1
      • Essentials of Notes Investing – The Concept and Key Behind It
      • How to Properly Use the Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure
      • How to Deal with Banks and Notes Holders
  • Module 2
      • Best Places to Locate Properties & Notes – Step by Step
  • Module 3
      • Meeting with the Note Holder – Negotiations
      • Contingencies
      • Due Diligence & Title Research
  • Module 4
      • How to Deal with the Lender
      • How to Deal with the Loss Mitigator
      • Pay Off Agreement/Approval Letter
  • Module 5
    • How to Deal with the Homeowner
    • Paperwork
    • Title & Closing
    • Exit Strategies



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“Someone like Laura, you almost hate to share! At first meeting, I knew that if I stuck with her, I was going to be able to learn a lot and grow my knowledge in REI. Laura has a wealth of valuable experience and, although an expert, she has the ability to share what she knows and use her story to help you write yours…simply priceless!” Starina Jones Nostalgia Investments – St Louis, Missouri