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Over the last 30 years, Laura has mentored and helped thousands of investors, both new and seasoned, to build and perfect their own real estate investing careers. She has helped her students build a sustainable real estate investing business within a few short months of working with her, and Laura maintains one of the highest consistent success rates as a mentor in the industry.

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$24,997 for One Year of One on One Coaching with Laura

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$1,247.00 / month for 12 months Payment Plan
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Course Description

Laura’s Elite Coaching Program is designed for those who want to build their real estate investing business from the ground up, in just a few short months – while getting a FULL YEAR of support! Even if you have already launched your REI business, this program will help you take it to the next level.

As well as private email coaching support, you will also receive WEEKLY one-on-one coaching calls with Laura herself, which you can schedule with her as needed. The Elite Coaching Program also includes access to our comprehensive resources library, personally compiled by Laura Alamery from her 30+ years of successful real estate investing. Next, you will have access to our Lead Generation & Management software, as described below!

Your 12-month Elite Coaching program includes:

[dt_sc_one_third first][dt_theme_service icon_url=”https://www.lauraalamery.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/trophy-e1483036350747.png” title=”Real Estate Investing Strategies”]ALL the courses listed under REI Courses, including: Rapid REI, Fast Track Wholesaling, Private Money Made Easy, and Take Real Estate Investing to the Next Level.[/dt_theme_service][/dt_sc_one_third]
[dt_sc_one_third][dt_theme_service icon_url=”https://www.lauraalamery.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/book-e1483036463897.png” title=”Comprehensive Resources Library”]Get access to Laura’s comprehensive library of resources including: Contracts, Forms, Marketing Material, Resources, Templates & More! Also includes access to her Funding Resources, including: Hard Money, Private Lenders, Proof of Funds Letters, Specialty Funding.[/dt_theme_service][/dt_sc_one_third]
[dt_sc_one_third][dt_theme_service icon_url=”https://www.lauraalamery.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/user-shape-e1483037023226.png” title=”Live Weekly Private Coaching Calls”]Laura becomes your personal mentor with 1-hour One-on-One coaching call per week.[/dt_theme_service][/dt_sc_one_third]

[dt_sc_one_third first][dt_theme_service icon_url=”https://www.lauraalamery.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/envelope-of-white-paper-e1483036835164.png” title=”Unlimited Email Coaching & Support From Laura”]Coaching help and support delivered via email, direct from Laura Alamery.[/dt_theme_service][/dt_sc_one_third]
[dt_sc_one_third][dt_theme_service icon_url=”https://www.lauraalamery.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/telephone-handle-silhouette-e1483036938132.png” title=”Live Monthly Group Coaching Calls”]Join Laura twice a month online for group mastermind coaching sessions.[/dt_theme_service][/dt_sc_one_third]
[dt_sc_one_third][dt_theme_service icon_url=”https://www.lauraalamery.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/group-profile-users-e1483036528177.png” title=”Group Coaching Forum & Support”]Ask questions, exchange ideas, create business ventures with other members in a closed forum exclusively for Elite Coaching members.[/dt_theme_service][/dt_sc_one_third]



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