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how to invest in real estate

How to Invest in Real Estate – Tips and Strategies

How to invest in real estate? It’s a question that a lot of want-to-be real estate investors ponder about. Real estate investments are entrepreneurial endeavors focused on the real estate market. Whether it’s purchasing a foreclosure for resale, buying a property to rent to a tenant, or ‘flipping’ a renovation, real estate investing is a high energy financial commitment with a great probability of profit. It’s a competitive, high stakes business, but getting started isn’t as difficult as it appears. Here are some simple ways to jumpstart your career and lean how to invest in real estate.

How to Invest in Real Estate:

Set Goals

While it’s more about mindset than overall productivity, setting professional goals for real estate endeavors can be a crucial part of the process. Start with writing down your long term and short term goals. Success in real estate can start with small achievements, but long term planning is the key to continued independence. It’s also important to incorporate both a personal and a financial plan into your goat set to better prepare a plan to reach these achievements.

Educate Yourself

Whether it’s through real estate investing courses, individual research, or even hands-on experimentation, education in real estate is a critical part of investing in real estate. If you’re unaware of the process, and even the market, there’s a chance things won’t go according to plan. Not taking the time to learn can result in lost money, and ultimately discourage potential real estate investors. The business is ever-evolving, and education can help assist with these transitions.

Set Up A Business

Even though you may be acting as an independent real estate agent, or working as a real estate investor with varied partnerships, treat your real estate endeavors as a business. Form an LLC, open a bank account, and if necessary, invest in things such as marketing and sales leads. It’s also important to assemble a team of ‘go-to’ professionals, including attorneys, a title company, a real estate agent (if you’re not acting as your own), mortgage brokers, and a valuable mentor.


Most areas have local real estate investing clubs, or events, that are easy get togethers for those who are in the real estate investing business. There are also alternative groups online, usually accessible through Facebook or LinkedIn, that provide resources for real estate investors. You can find information on my Facebook group here. Commonly referred to as a ‘mastermind group,’ it’s key to work with others in the industry to develop your skillset and learn different methods that may work for your investments.

While the enthusiasm and commitment may be there, it’s key to exhibit patience and structure when jumping into a career in real estate investing. Finding momentum and following these steps will assist in your future success. Don’t get discouraged- real estate investing just needs time and consistent engagement to flourish.

For more information on how I help those wanting to break into investing in real estate, check out my upcoming events and learn more about me and my investing webinars, seminars and coaching programs.