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Commercial Real Estate Investing 101: Learn everything you need to know to get started.

  Commercial Real Estate Investing is an ever changing and multifaceted investment medium. The same investment strategies, such as short sales, REO or buying notes, gain and lose position in the same manner that stocks or bonds gain or lose their position. For this reason as an investor, in order to thrive in this business, […]


creative real estate financing

Creative Real Estate Financing – Mortgage Alternatives

Creative Real Estate Financing implies ways to fund properties by alternative means instead of the standard mortgage. These strategies could be used for long term funding (buy and hold) or short term investing (wholesaling or fix and flip.) Investors have to get creative nowadays to thrive and succeed in real estate investing. After the mortgage and […]



Real Estate Investing Joint Ventures

Real estate investing joint ventures are really gaining ground as a strategy to fund and expedite investments. Joint ventures are formed when two or more parties agree to pool their resources for the purpose of buying a property. When it comes to real estate investing, resources do not necessarily include only financial, but also participation in the form […]



How to Buy Land for Real Estate Investing

If you’ve ever done research on purchasing a house, it may not be a bad idea to look into buying raw land as well. There are certainly drawbacks and benefits to both choices, but if you’ve ever wanted to build a house either for yourself or to resell, then learning how to buy land instead of […]


what is equity

What is Equity?

What is Equity? If you’ve done any research on real estate or the housing market, you’ve probably come across the term ‘equity’ a time or two. The word equity itself can have multiple meanings across the board, depending on the scenario, but in terms of real estate the direct definition is: “The value of a […]



Indianapolis Housing Market 2014

Indianapolis Housing Market is definitely growing and showing increasing stability as time goes on, despite a lower total for the first quarter of the year. This is certainly a good sign as this slow but steady increase follows several years of market decline. Indianapolis Housing Market: The Indianapolis housing market 2014 is on the rebound […]



Property Taxes – Definition and Their Role in Real Estate Investing

Property Taxes are usually attached to owning real estate. There are several kinds of property taxes that exist and are attached to assets such as Land, Improvements to Land (immovable man-made objects, like buildings), Personal Property (moveable man-made objects) and Intangible Property. For more information on How to Make Money by Controlling Real Estate with $1 Prior […]

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